Reciprocity and parent-friendly event planning

I have learned (sometimes the hard way, sometimes the easy way), when you don’t ask, you don’t get. As I’ve become clearer in my ‘asks’, I have also become more gracious in my acceptance of things (love, help, time, advice, money) and I also in turn give what I can, when I can.

Bringing babies into an (entrepreneurship and innovation) incubator

April showers bring #BYOBaby into biz settings superpowers We (my kids and I) have been busy over the past few weeks prepping for our first Pop-Up Event of the year on Wednesday, May 1st, 2019! In between washing their winter gear and trying to pack it away for another six months (c’mon Mother Nature!), I’veContinue reading “Bringing babies into an (entrepreneurship and innovation) incubator”

Choose Yourself First: Women Making Art (And History)

I thought I’d share a bit of reading material I’ve been using to help with the past five months I spent hibernating during one of Ottawa’s coldest winters in a while. A recent book I’ve been reading is called ‘Broad Strokes: 15 Women Who Made Art And Made History (In That Order)‘ by Bridget QuinnContinue reading “Choose Yourself First: Women Making Art (And History)”

Celebrating creating your own luck!

So glad I followed my gut instinct when I saw the newspaper ad nine years ago and signed up for an Irish competition (Rose of Tralee), at which I met a charming stranger from Galway during the St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Then swiftly agreed to meet each other in Brisbane, Australia a few months later,Continue reading “Celebrating creating your own luck!”

Creating a sense of community and taking steps to stop parenting in isolation

Creating a sense of community and taking steps to stop parenting in isolation: Determined to maintain a sense of self while looking after my first son (2016) and preparing to give birth to my second son (2018), I often sought out networking and professional development opportunities but was surprised by a lack of inclusive spaces with baby change facilities and parent-friendly event times.

Consistency over intensity: How accountability will keep you going

I met with one of my Advisors from Invest Ottawa last week, the all-around-amazing Karla Briones, who runs not only one but many businesses. She met me in the lobby, where I was waiting with my bundled up baby in his car seat and walked us to the meeting room as we made small talkContinue reading “Consistency over intensity: How accountability will keep you going”

Refocusing offline and escaping (in real life)

Jumping on here to escape the Canadian cold and reminisce about a stopover in Lake Como spent with my Irish husband (that’s us in the pic) and Irish friend, Caroline, (she’s the photographer) before we hit up our Australian friend’s wedding in Italy. On travel: I’ve been thinking about the past few years spent asContinue reading “Refocusing offline and escaping (in real life)”

Bring Your Own Baby (BYOB)

This post is based on a series of photos I shared on Instagram from my experience bringing my newborn to a local networking event past week and launching my child-friendly professional development pilot program. Another day, another professional development event! It was September’s Creative Mornings event at the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of ManagementContinue reading “Bring Your Own Baby (BYOB)”