Celebrating creating your own luck!

Amy and Husband in Ireland 2014 | Notes From Another Land

So glad I followed my gut instinct when I saw the newspaper ad nine years ago and signed up for an Irish competition (Rose of Tralee), at which I met a charming stranger from Galway during the St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

Then swiftly agreed to meet each other in Brisbane, Australia a few months later, which turned into a few years Down Under, gathering our families and friends to see us get hitched in Ireland (Happy 6 Year Anniversary yesterday!).

Followed by another few years travelling around Europe, having Irish-Canadian babies and setting up our first real ‘home’ in Canada. Despite the fact it feels like we have four or more places we could also call home!

Amy and family in Ireland 2019 | Notes From Another Land

This is why I’ll always keep following my intuition, entering (seemingly random) competitions, pursuing (at times to others) wild ideas with reckless abandon and invest in good, quality luggage (which is always ready to be used).

Because you never know where one event, chance meeting or innocent conversation will take you and how differently your life can turn out, if you follow those hunches.

Remembering this week fondly, getting ready to celebrate some more this weekend and wishing you all a great Paddy’s Day (with a bit of happy coincidences and serendipitous luck of course)! 🍀🌈🌠

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“Great reading. Very accurate for what I am going through. True representation of what I am feeling. Thank you for making me feel so relaxed.” – Natalie A.

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