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Great conversations with strangers and stories that must be retold are things that strike me often. I regularly stop in my tracks to photograph moments in time, events I attend and new places I explore.

This blog started as an online space to share those candid photos and conversations, as I spent the better part of the past decade living abroad in Australia, Ireland and England, before returning to Canada with my young Irish-Canadian family.

Over time, I have become drawn to the business of being creative through travel + lifestyle + art & design + remote work. I’m not solely interested in life as an expat but in sharing the stories of those I encounter along my travels who are living their passion, fulfilling their dreams, trying something new and making good things great.

Whether you’re looking for travel, life or business inspiration, use the candid, conversations, covet and create categories to sift through my posts. I document my experiences as I explore new cities and countries, sharing the places and characters I encounter.

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– Amy

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