Pregnant Podcasting

My work from home uniform for the rest of 2021: Surrounded by cords and crystals as I produce Season 3 of the Mixing Babies And Business™ Podcast. It’s getting harder to fit this belly behind the microphone but I wrapped up my final interview of Season 3 in October.

An Autumn Pregnancy Update

I didn’t know this is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. This kid is a rainbow baby and I’ve spent most of the past 6 months in disbelief, getting sick, then believing but also not being so sure how things will go on the other side.

Minimum Viable Podcasting (MVP)

Some of you may remember I started podcasting last August, interviewing other entrepreneurs who also happen to be parents from my home studio, in between looking after our kids on weekdays during the start of the pandemic.

Back To School…For Now

These are the basic things I try to incorporate into my everyday, in order to make flexible work more efficient (and enjoyable!)

Manifesting Magic

I made this in late 2020 and slowly most of it is coming true…manifesting/making it real never ceases to amaze me but the regular reminders and visuals really help.

Working From Home: Summer 2021

My rainy work day involved a craft supply run, grocery shop, pottery business meeting, entrepreneur caucus virtual roundtable with cross party representatives, bit of activism and scheduling various family member medical appointments.

Future of Good artwork featuring my parent-friendly professional development

This artwork represents SDG 5: Gender Equality. It features my Babies, Business and Breakfast parent-friendly professional development alongside four other community projects from across Canada.

A creative space of your own

My magic making corner: Art, astrology and inspirational books, fresh peonies, tarot and oracle decks, a handwritten golden vision card and a diary to record my thoughts. All covering an air duct, much nicer to look at!

Mixing Babies And Business™ joins Startup Canada Communities

The first Parent-Friendly Professional Development Pop Up Event I hosted in May 2018 – I went on to host a few more events before the pandemic and now it’s a virtual community with plans to spread across the country through Startup Canada Communities.