Art x Advocacy: Decorate Your Home While Supporting Women And Children In Transition

The London Collection features original photography of popular city sights, cheerful doorways and rainbow rows of terraced homes taken during our time living in North West London, England, where we had our first son. Add a burst of colour and raise the vibration in your home, while contributing to providing a safe space for women and children in need. With every order, a portion goes toward supporting organizations with a mission to provide housing and support to those in transition.

Switching Up The House As We Work From Home

We rearranged our house a bit to switch up the meals and play areas and also need to think about upgrading our beds as the youngest may be ready to leave his crib soon. But for now it feels like a nice change as the temperatures are dropping.

Startup Blogging: Create What You Want To See In The World

I’ve been blogging for over 10 years and my first book has been written to help you solve real problems, for real people. It aims to help current and aspiring creatives, freelancers, bloggers, flexible workers, business owners and side hustlers with limited time.

Spend Time With The Ones You Love, While Investing In Yourself

Invest in yourself alongside your kids, while making new connections: Babies, Business + Breakfast™ Community + Membership is now open for registration!

Mixing Babies And Business: Remote Work With Kids

Three Ways To Make Remote Work More Productive For You (+ Your Family): I’ve released a new short online course for parents which provides you with the mindset tips and productivity tools to get your home and work life flowing better together.

Making Remote Work More Productive For You (+ Your Family)

I’ve been re-learning how to record, upload and caption video in small windows of time, working from home with kids. It’s all for my upcoming short online course about Mixing Babies And Business: 3 Ways To Make Remote Work More Productive For You (+ Your Family).

Manifesting And Magic As An Intuitive Entrepreneur

At the start of 2019, I didn’t exactly know if I was meant to keep banging on about the merits of flexible work, inclusive spaces and experiences for people who also happen to be parents. Spoiler alert: When you take the first step, the Universe takes 10 to meet you!

Celebrating Small Wins Every Day: Startup Blogging Hit Number 15 On Amazon!

It changes by the hour and I’m playing the long game but celebrating the fact my first book, Startup Blogging: Validate A Business Idea and Build Your Audience, made it to Number 15 this week in the Top 100 under the Blogging and Blogs book category in Amazon’s Kindle Store! I also received my first review – I’m not related to them by blood and I didn’t pay them for it, I swear.

The First Move: A Fictional Short Story Submission

A fictional short story told from two perspectives: A woman being followed when she’s alone with her children and the man pursuing her. The reader is taken along as the internal dialogue alternates between both parties, learning about their history and motives with mounting suspense. Readers can ‘vote’ for it to be included in the next anthology from Something Or Other Publishing (SOOP).