Livestreaming between Ireland and Canada

Thanks to modern technology, I could livestream from my home office in Ottawa across multiple countries in real time, facilitate chat with attendees and live Tweet, while Nana looked after my two kids at home.

A Canadian Farm Wedding

Mother Nature threw us a curveball the day before but definitely delivered a wonderful pre Summer Solstice celebration.

New Moon Mantras

Pleasure over pressure: In the words of Rebecca Campbell, this is how I’ve been feeling over the past year and a half.

My DIY podcast designed to spread a message

I don’t often tend to tally things but over the years, when I’ve felt like I was floating around and not making much traction, I have found it helpful to pause, reflect and note what I’ve done or what’s different over a quarter, six months, year or more. This article will give you a bit of insight into why I’m creating a podcast, my basic workflow and the tools I use.

My Work From Home Setup

Who knew when I started facilitating webinars for Velg Training almost a decade ago in Australia, I’d end up doing it most of the time in 2020/2021 from Canada!? Back then I was daydreaming of travel, working from wherever, maybe some day having a family and the same passport as my Irish husband and future kids.

March 2021 Remote Work Retreat

We can’t go anywhere but we can still connect with each other. Join me for the next FREE Remote Work (Virtual) Retreat For Parents, refresh your routines and meet other like-minded individuals!

Creating Floral Art For Joy

I’ve been making more time for beauty and joy, creating for the sake of it in 2021. Focusing on drawing and painting flowers, buds and plants from places I’ve lived (Brisbane > Kildare > Galway > London) as part of a ‘Waiting For Spring’ series.

Hosting A Remote Work Retreat

It started off as an idea over the holidays, so I put it out to see if there would be any interest – I recorded a few fresh mini trainings about Remote Work With Kids covering mindset, processes and routines and then hosted a live coworking session before sending everyone their Retreat Digital Care Package.

Celebration (and voting) time!

My parent-friendly professional development initiative has been selected as one of Canada’s Top 100 Recovery Projects by Future of Good!