March 2021 Remote Work Retreat

Remote Work Retreat For Parents

A work from home experience for parents


We can’t go anywhere but we can still connect with each other. 

Join me for the next FREE Remote Work (Virtual) Retreat For Parents, refresh your routines and meet other parents!

You’ll receive my remote work with kids mini trainings, a live retreat + coworking session invite, workbook and digital care package.


  • 🎬 3 x Remote Work With Kids Mini Trainings:
    Mindset, Processes and Routines (March 16-18)
  • 💻 20 Min Live Retreat + 20 Min Coworking Session:
    Connect With Other Parents (March 19 at 1 p.m. EST)
  • 💌 1 x Digital Care Package:
    Curated For Parents (March 20)

The Retreat will be hosted on the Mixing Babies And Business™ online portal and you can access the content for the week afterwards.


Feeling lonely but never actually alone?

  • Welcoming founders, freelancers and remote workers 
  • Who are also parents of school or pre-school aged kids (moms, dads, parents-to-be!)

Show up as you are.

  • This retreat is parent and child-friendly (dress code not in effect, bring snacks)
  • RSVP to access the mini trainings via your mobile or desktop device (watch alongside your kids or solo)

Watch on demand.

  • The live retreat session and virtual coworking will be recorded (carve out 30-45 minutes for yourself if you’re able to)
  • Access all replays for one week (after which you can purchase them as part of my Remote Work With Kids Digital Bundle)

Join our movement. Bring your kids.

  • Hosted by me – Amy Lynch, Founder of Mixing Babies And Business™
  • I’ve done remote work since 2014 and brought my kids into business settings since 2016 and would love to help you out
  • My work has been named one of Canada’s Top 100 Recovery Projects in 2020 by Future of Good – learn more at the link and in the video below!

Stay well everyone,

– Amy (+ Family) xx

“Love the interactive and engaging activities.”

“Appreciated the interaction, networking tips, simplicity of the presentation. Love the concept and hope to attend future events.”

“Wish there was time for more! Good amount of info in short time. Thank you, would love to see more opportunities like this.”

“I really enjoyed it and it was nice to meet parents in the same boat as me.”“More meetups please!”

Great event today! Wow! Speakers were great! I think you bring to light a very important perspective. Especially in these times.

I like your block scheduling chart! I’m doing block scheduling in longer chunks now. I’m excited for you and where you are going!

Download the free template:
Remote Work (With Kids) Time Blocking Made Easy [DOWNLOAD]

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Published by Amy Maureen Lynch

Over the past decade, Amy Maureen Lynch has negotiated remote work arrangements, freelance client work and validated business ideas, in between living and working in Canada, Europe and Australia (and having three kids). She writes about travel, international family life, creativity and flexible work on her blog, where you can read about her experiences bringing her children into business settings and access flexible and remote work resources to help you navigate the future of work: She produces and hosts the Mixing Babies And Business™ Podcast, parent-friendly professional development events, digital resources and advises others on creating inclusive and flexible work solutions at: Amy’s first book, Startup Blogging: Validate A Business Idea and Build Your Audience, is based on her journey as a blogger, writer, founder and parent to date.

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