Have Baby, Will Travel, Speak In Public, Write Books And Run Businesses

When I became a parent, I still liked reading, art, travel, coffee, pints, business, creativity and exploring my neighbourhood. Doing all of the above has definitely moved me out of my comfort zone and required a bit of trial and error, as well as lots of ups and downs but I now know that I can do it and it’s not up to me if others are uncomfortable.

Mantras For Uncertain Times

Mantras for uncertain times (and always because life is never certain). These have served me well over the years, before parenthood and since having kids.

Remembering A Pivotal Summer Four Years Ago

A bit of background to how Babies, Business + Breakfast™ began: This photo is from July 2016 when we had our first son in England. Things were going so well. Why not join a 10-week startup program in one of the busiest areas of the city with my newborn while I was at it? So I did. Sporting those very same trousers, baby wrap, my little dude and a laptop at times.

My Biggest Secret To ‘Remote Work Success’

I’ve done remote work–before becoming a parent and since having our two kids–logging on from cafés, pubs, hotels, libraries, museums, art galleries, airports, coworking spaces, conferences, hospitals, apartments and home offices for a mixture of companies over the past six years.

We All Need To Feel A Little Less Alone These Days, Despite The Fact We’re Never Really Alone.

I’m finding it hard most days to work without being interrupted by a child who refuses to do ‘quiet time’ instead of napping. And that’s ok because I’m not the only one raising kids during a pandemic and trying to fit in productivity spurts around their ever-changing routines.

Mixed Feelings On Mother’s Day 2020

Sending love and light to those feeling a bit cracked open on Mother’s Day 2020: I had my two lovely boys with me but was due to have our third baby in a little over a week.

How I’m getting through this long-ass winter

Secret to sanity: We play a lot in the snow. And by play, I mean, the kids wander around the yard and driveway during the daytime as I attempt to shovel at warp speed before they get bored and venture too close to the road.

Babies, Business + Breakfast takes over Bayview Yards (for one morning a month)

It’s not every day you see stroller parking, car seats, onesie snowsuits and a children’s play area in the Training Room at Bayview Yards (also the home of Invest Ottawa). And it’s not every day as a parent that you find yourself mixing with other parents alongside your kids, as you discuss protecting your ideas, the implications of having (or not having) an Intellectual Property strategy, the changing tech landscape and how others have mixed (and are still learning how best to mix) work and home in life.

When You Need To Slow Down To Speed Up

Last month involved more rest, laundry, tea, reading, cuddles, medicine and less marketing, hustling, stressing, driving, doing, striving than most of my adult life and you know what happened? People kept visiting, reading, subscribing and registering.