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Back From Summer Break

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So much for our adults only retreat room and kid free sofa. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

How are YOU doing?

Someone contacted me recently on LinkedIn and asked, “What’s your number one business goal over the coming six months?”

I replied, “To not burn out.”

In between remote work, looking after kids and creating things, it really is my main focus as the pandemic unfolds. Because if I burn out, all of the above will not be tended to.

Since March, I’ve been saying, “This is a marathon not a sprint.”

It’s a mantra I adopted when moving countries and starting from scratch in a new place.

I continued to use it as I validated business ideas and pitched to stranger after stranger.

It served me well when I became a new parent and I found myself coming back to it when the days felt long, hard or I didn’t know if I could function on the minimal sleep I was getting.

As I wrote my first book and was uncertain of how the final draft would take shape, I repeated that reminder.

In reality, it’s often also accompanied by the following regular actions for me:

  • Adjusting my expectations based on the evolving situation I’m faced with
  • Focusing on ONE thing I want to accomplish each day
  • Writing it down before and on the date I actually complete it
  • Forgiving myself if I don’t get it done the first time around
  • Taking time to rest throughout each day and trying* to sleep well at night
  • Finding fun in everyday moments and adventures (can be as small as using a different colour pen or listening to music as I work)
  • Celebrating what has happened over a longer period of time in retrospect (at the end of a week or month, year and decade)

*Major disclaimer: Sleep depends on my day and the kids sleep patterns

Be gentle with yourself these days. πŸ’œ

Amy Maureen Lynch Notes From Another Land Podcasting With Kids

I’ve been making a solid effort to film more video about my experiences podcasting from home around my current work from home/looking after kids varied schedule.

Nothing is perfect and it’s often done during naptime or while the kids are distracted.

I’ve been sharing an interview recap after I chat with each guest and posting it on my Instagram TV Channel and adding flexible work content on YouTube.

I’m updating other resources as I can, stay tuned for more!

Future of Work Goodness  πŸ“ˆ

I published a lot of content over the past few weeks and I hope it will help you feel less alone, give you some ideas for freshening up your home and work space and encourage you to try new things.

Scroll through the previous blog posts or check out the archived months on the side menu bar.

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Lately it’s featured a lot of work from home with kids content. πŸ‘€

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