We All Need To Feel A Little Less Alone These Days, Despite The Fact We’re Never Really Alone.

Amy Maureen Lynch NFAL Webinar Flashback 2019 With Baby

Last Chance Today: Reserve Your Space In The Babies, Business + Breakfast™ Community + Membership In 2020

Today is the today!

I’m closing registration for Babies, Business + Breakfast™ Membership + Community today, Friday, July 3rd 2020.

Please take a moment to read the rest of this blog post.

Amy Maureen Lynch NFAL Webinar Flashback 2019 With Baby
Flashback to 2019: Me trying to present a webinar with my baby…
turns out toddlers and preschoolers aren’t any easier to present with!

I came across a news article in another group I’m a member of yesterday and it summed up my feelings during this pandemic so well:

Frustration. Resentment. Feeling cracked open. Then quickly picking up the pieces to make sure the kids don’t ‘notice’ anything is wrong, different, strained.

The article from Today’s Parent in the same series about sending kids to summer camps is also a good read and this paragraph jumped out at me:

“Having parents (often women) sacrifice their careers and their own mental health to support their children while schools are closed to keep everyone ‘safe’ needs to end. It is impossible to work from home and take care of young children effectively.”

Impossible to do it effectively. Yet we keep trying. If we haven’t already been practicing self-compassion, now is the time to embrace it.

Resilience can’t be cultivated without acknowledging how difficult things are/can be/have been. Or how out of depth we are. And letting go of what we think it should be like/look like.

Because when I try to focus too much on ‘fixing’ it’s the little things that cause the breakdown…like the refusals to nap, the endless meltdowns because of tiredness due to said nap refusals and not understanding why we can’t go to the park/see people/touch things.

Pheeeeeeew. It’s a marathon.

Babies, Business + Breakfast™ Community + Membership is now open for registration!

I want the Babies, Business + Breakfast™ Membership + Community to serve as a virtual safe and empowering space for you to:

  • Meet other like-minded parents
  • Discuss things which don’t revolve entirely around your children
  • Invest in yourself at a time which suits your needs
  • Learn from experts you can’t currently connect with
  • Get inspired by how others have navigated mixing babies and business in the past
  • Explore new ways of making things work for yourself and your family right now and in future

It’s not going to be all content – who has time for hour-long webinars and 20+ page PDF workbook journal prompts right now!?

I’m finding it hard most days to work without being interrupted by a child who refuses to do ‘quiet time’ instead of napping.

And that’s ok because I’m not the only one raising kids during a pandemic and trying to fit in productivity spurts around their ever-changing routines.

As part of the Membership, we’re focusing on connection and community just as much as content.

Because we all need to feel a little less alone these days, despite the fact we’re never really alone.

Whenever I doubt myself, I come back to my favourite quotes or read stories of others who’ve overcome the odds and made it work.

One of my favourites is from Nora Roberts:

“If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.”

I always thought she was a writer of fiction books for people–like me–who want to escape reality but this woman has written 220 novels to date and sold 500 million copies around the world.

She started writing by hand on paper as a stay-at-home mum with two kids, later transferring her stories by typewriter. When she became a single parent, she kept her family going on the book advance payments she received. When she wrote ‘too much’ for her publisher to handle, she created a pseudonym to keep releasing books under. She currently publishes around FIVE books PER YEAR under two different pen names.

And it all started because she decided to make it happen.

By taking Babies, Business + Breakfast™ online, I’m venturing into the unknown and taking a leap but I know if I stay in the same place and don’t try, I’ll be left wondering.

If you’re ready to step forward and join me in 2020 as a Founding Member, I would love to have you on board as we build the future of what this community looks like.

Registration Closes Today 🚼📊

Reserve Your Space For Babies, Business + Breakfast™:

Join Us As A Founding Member In 2020

Enrolment is open once per calendar year and closes this Friday, July 3, 2020.

We want to encourage you to explore your Babies, Business + Breakfast™ Membership during the first month and offer a 14-day refund period from the date of July 20, 2020 until 12 p.m. EST on August 2, 2020. For more information, please view our Refund Policy.

Babies, Business + Breakfast™ Community + Membership is now open.

Feedback From Previous Event Attendees:

“Love the interactive and engaging activities.”

“Appreciated the interaction, networking tips, simplicity of the presentation. Love the concept and hope to attend future events.”

“Wish there was time for more! Good amount of info in short time. Thank you, would love to see more opportunities like this.”

“I really enjoyed it and it was nice to meet parents in the same boat as me.”

“More meetups please!”

Reserve your space for 2020, we start in July and go until December.

Invest in yourself alongside your kids, while making new connections.


Monthly online professional development events with guest speaker(s), recorded for your viewing on demand, with accompanying slides, Q&A and resources. ($120 value annually)


Feature in our e-newsletter, social media channels and private Member Directory (contact details are optional), with community networking opportunities. ($100 value)


Monthly email check-ins, weekly productivity prompts and discussion threads in our private Facebook Group. ($120 value annually)

Or to put it differently:

Less tech overwhelm and conflicting event times.
More expert advice and practical resources.

Less fear of missing out and feelings of isolation.
More inspiring connections and parents like you.

Less tackling massive to do lists in too little time.
More mental clarity and taking action.

Founding Members in 2020 will have access to the online membership portal content and private community discussion threads starting from Wednesday, July 1, 2020 through to Tuesday, December 29, 2020.

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