Remembering How To Receive

This is where I’m pretending I am spending most of my sunny days when I close my eyes: On a beach, with nowhere to be and hair that stays in a bun.

More Australian Signs

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign!  We won’t be able to travel to Australia any time soon, but our passports will always be kept up to date to revisit our first home together.

A Note On St Patrick’s Day

12 years ago I went to Ireland for the first time, we were only there 4 days but I knew I had to come back.

The Costs Of Unpaid Labour

I wrote a post in a freelance parenting community group based in the UK and it received more feedback than I anticipated. Going to share it here in case you were looking for another way to articulate your value (not that you should need to).

Caring Less, Creating More

There are lots more I didn’t do and other things I did in 2020, like family time/bonding with my kids/working alongside my partner/trying to endure/getting out of bed most days/counting to 10 before responding to the same question…this post includes the highlights for me.

Life Hack For Getting Stuff Done

Got lots done in 2020 thanks to this tip: Let things go, while focusing on getting others done. Read on for a list of things I did instead of folding laundry and neatly putting it away this year.

Making Space For New Creations

Over the summer, I decided to start going through my travel photos taken over the years and explore the process of making them into fine art prints. I plan to print them locally here in Ottawa, Canada (our current home) to send out to others who are seeking to add a bit of colour–and perhaps adventure–to their home and/or work space walls. A portion of sales will go to organizations which help others settle and find a home, when they are without one.

Making Things And Breaking Things

Someone contacted me recently on LinkedIn and asked, “What’s your number one business goal over the coming six months?” I replied, “To not burn out.”

Podcasting With Kids, During A Pandemic

Where parenthood meets professional development: I’ll be recording a mixture of solo episodes and chatting with other parents about business, entrepreneurship, flexible and remote work with kids. Depending on the guest, I’ll be covering creativity, community and creating the changes you wish to see in the world.