Not Doing It All, Deciding What To Pursue And When

Someone recently posted a question in a freelance group for parents I’m a member of. They were wondering how we get work done, clean/sort the socks, mind the kids and look after ourselves…during the pandemic. It really stirred up some things for me.

Making Things And Breaking Things

Someone contacted me recently on LinkedIn and asked, “What’s your number one business goal over the coming six months?” I replied, “To not burn out.”

Switching Up The House As We Work From Home

We rearranged our house a bit to switch up the meals and play areas and also need to think about upgrading our beds as the youngest may be ready to leave his crib soon. But for now it feels like a nice change as the temperatures are dropping.

DIY Podcasting While Parenting Including Tech Glitches

I swear every time I record another one of these my heart expands and contracts (like the Grinch?) as I listen to very personal anecdotes, passions and reasons for being and creating what they’ve created so far in life, from each guest.

Podcasting (And Picking Show Music) With Kids

I finished another interview, with parent and founder, Tanya Hayles, of RSVP and Co, Black Moms Connection and Colour In White Spaces. She’s an award-winning event planner, writer, speaker and consultant by day and runs a global online village of over 16,000 members by night.

Starting A Podcast While Working From Home With Kids

This video is a quick tour of my very budget home podcasting setup while I also juggle caregiving duties for two preschoolers and a recap of my first interview! I had a great chat today with Frankie Tortora – she’s a mum of two kids, freelance graphic designer: francescatortoradesign and founder of Doing It For The Kids, a WONDERFUL community for freelance parents trying to make flexible working work.

Podcasting With Kids, During A Pandemic

Where parenthood meets professional development: I’ll be recording a mixture of solo episodes and chatting with other parents about business, entrepreneurship, flexible and remote work with kids. Depending on the guest, I’ll be covering creativity, community and creating the changes you wish to see in the world.