Mixing Babies And Business: Remote Work With Kids

Three Ways To Make Remote Work More Productive For You (+ Your Family): I’ve released a new short online course for parents which provides you with the mindset tips and productivity tools to get your home and work life flowing better together.

Making Remote Work More Productive For You (+ Your Family)

I’ve been re-learning how to record, upload and caption video in small windows of time, working from home with kids. It’s all for my upcoming short online course about Mixing Babies And Business: 3 Ways To Make Remote Work More Productive For You (+ Your Family).

Manifesting And Magic As An Intuitive Entrepreneur

At the start of 2019, I didn’t exactly know if I was meant to keep banging on about the merits of flexible work, inclusive spaces and experiences for people who also happen to be parents. Spoiler alert: When you take the first step, the Universe takes 10 to meet you!

Celebrating Small Wins Every Day: Startup Blogging Hit Number 15 On Amazon!

It changes by the hour and I’m playing the long game but celebrating the fact my first book, Startup Blogging: Validate A Business Idea and Build Your Audience, made it to Number 15 this week in the Top 100 under the Blogging and Blogs book category in Amazon’s Kindle Store! I also received my first review – I’m not related to them by blood and I didn’t pay them for it, I swear.

Interview With Female Tech Leaders Magazine About Remote Work

Interview With Female Tech Leaders Magazine About Remote Work: Since the pandemic, I’ve been working from home for myself, while looking after our two children full-time. It’s a different kind of situation to our usual routine but my expatriate, remote work and parenthood experiences over the past decade have all prepared me for the feelings of isolation, disconnection and instability we are currently experiencing as a family.

Mixed Feelings On Mother’s Day 2020

Sending love and light to those feeling a bit cracked open on Mother’s Day 2020: I had my two lovely boys with me but was due to have our third baby in a little over a week.

Speaking About Mixing Babies With Business

I started working remotely in 2014 while living abroad, before having kids. Then I became a parent in 2016, stopped travelling (and sleeping) as much and had to experiment with different ways to make flexible work actually WORK for me. There is no ‘work Amy’ and ‘parent Amy’. I am one person, with many facets, responsibilities and little separation between my home and work environments, as many are experiencing right now.

Hit Publish And Share Your Work

The act of creating something can be inspiring and energizing….actually launching and promoting it can be terrifying but my first book is ALIVE!

Marketing Your Book (While Raising Kids)

Once you hit publish, you still need to tell people about it: I’ve been spending the past week proofreading my final manuscript before Amazon’s deadline for the Kindle eBook release on April 24th, 2020 and contacting people to let them know I’ve written a book. While caring for two kids under the age of four years old full-time on weekdays during a global pandemic.