Celebrate Your Wins: If You Don’t Who Will?

I always forget to but when I feel out of sorts, things aren’t working or I’m getting overwhelmed, instead of trying to push through the never-ending to-do list (often created by myself), I am a big fan of the ‘ta-da!’ list.

My Biggest Secret To ‘Remote Work Success’

I’ve done remote work–before becoming a parent and since having our two kids–logging on from cafés, pubs, hotels, libraries, museums, art galleries, airports, coworking spaces, conferences, hospitals, apartments and home offices for a mixture of companies over the past six years.

Startup Blogging: Create What You Want To See In The World

I’ve been blogging for over 10 years and my first book has been written to help you solve real problems, for real people. It aims to help current and aspiring creatives, freelancers, bloggers, flexible workers, business owners and side hustlers with limited time.

The Patriarchy Isn’t Going To Smash Itself

In April, I had a casual chat over email with a new contact about smashing the patriarchy. Because it won’t smash itself and if we wait for that to happen we will be waiting a loooooooooooong ass time.

We All Need To Feel A Little Less Alone These Days, Despite The Fact We’re Never Really Alone.

I’m finding it hard most days to work without being interrupted by a child who refuses to do ‘quiet time’ instead of napping. And that’s ok because I’m not the only one raising kids during a pandemic and trying to fit in productivity spurts around their ever-changing routines.