Integrating intuition into everyday life

Amy Lynch Notes From Another Land Tarot Supplies Practices

Your inner wisdom is like maple syrup: golden

Are you even Canadian if you don’t have an empty 1L bottle of maple syrup on your kitchen counter!? 🥞🇨🇦

When I lived abroad I always called it liquid gold because it was sooo expensive to buy overseas and I would ration it because I never quite knew when my journey would end or where I’d be headed to next. Then when I would move it was all of a sudden…”Maple syrup party at my house! Pancakes for everyone! Smother it all in syrup!”

Um, hello feast or famine mentality.

I’m now learning and practicing ‘moderation’ as I strive to be a good maple syrup consuming role model for my children (failing at this) and we now own a house so I have a dedicated shelf (what…you don’t?) Just for back up, because we all know once it’s opened that gold goes in the fridge.

The secret is out: everyone has an inner voice

Amy Lynch Notes From Another Land Tarot Crystals

If you’re not into using your intuition, that’s cool. But I’ll occasionally be posting about it, what I do, why I do it and other things which aren’t ‘strictly business’ but I use them IN business and life in general.

Like planning around lunar cycles, using tarot and oracle cards for meditation, reflection and decision making, walking in nature to ground myself and other witchy-ish things (or divine/feminine, intuitive practices if you prefer).

What works for me may not work for you but the secret’s out guys: we all have intuition but only some tap into it intentionally (like a maple tree) to let the good stuff flow.

It’s up to you what you do with the info, the choice is always yours.

If I could bottle it for you I would but that’s less fun than doing a reading, so if you’re ready to drink the koolaid (or maple syrup) I’ll be here!

Sharing what I practice as I go

Lately, since I’ve been actively having deep conversations with many friends, family and strangers, I have also been doing more regular self-care. As well as cleaning, clearing and protecting my decks, stones and jewelry, some long overdue!

Thank you to Heather Thatcher from Self-Talk Remedy, Morningstar from Beaded Dreams in Ottawa and Caroline and Alicia from Green Spirit in Manotick for the tips and supplies.

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