Tapping Into My Intuition

Amy Maureen Lynch Notes From Another Land Intuitive Oracle Tarot Readings

Taking time to pause and reflect

I am celebrating my blog’s six year anniversary this summer (it’s easy to remember as it is the same year as our wedding anniversary)! 🎉 I originally had another blog when I first moved abroad to Brisbane, Australia in 2010 but it’s since been replaced by notesfromanotherland.com circa 2013 to focus on travel, expat life, creativity and flexible work as we country hopped from Oz to Ireland, England and now Canada.

After many requests from strangers for “my business card” when sharing travel, adventure, life and work stories, I’ve FINALLY designed and printed some up. Nothing fancy, using my own photography, but the significance is in the opportunities presenting themselves lately.

In addition to my work around parenthood and professional development, marketing communications consulting and business idea validation, I have spent the last decade blogging about the people I meet in different places, the experiences I have at home and abroad, as well as the learnings, ideas and creations inspired by all of the above.

After being gifted a tarot deck in Ireland this past winter and being told by other intuitives over the past decade to start honing my abilities, I have been offering readings focused on life, travel, business and self-care at my kitchen table and cafes around the city. But it’s time to step it up now.

Amy Lynch Notes From Another Land Tarot Intuitive | DruidCraft Tarot Deck

A Lions Gate Spread using the DruidCraft Tarot Deck I was gifted in Galway, Ireland

Intuitive Readings focused on clarity and storytelling

I have started doing 1:1 work with clients at Green Spirit Manotick and will be at JoyFest later this month, a two-day summer festival held just outside of Ottawa at the Carp Ridge Ecowellness Centre. I’ve also met with Saje Wellness in Westboro to discuss event opportunities.

I will be using my experiences, storytelling and intuition to help others with self reflection, as I provide a different perspective on their current reality and insights into designing their future vision, with practical thoughts to consider as they work towards manifesting their desires.

Notes From Another Land Intuitive Readings

I am now offering intuitive readings in person at local shops and events in Ottawa, as well as online.

Notes From Another Land Amy Maureen Lynch Virtual Intuitive Readings

Call it self-care, personal development, life or business planning…I call it getting back in touch with yourself and listening to the inner voice we so often question or silence completely.

Learn more about my intuitive readings here.

Feedback from clients

“Amy provided an insightful reading into my current situation and showed me how I should trust my intuition. Our session and my reading put my mind at ease.” – Scott B.

“I had a sense of calm with you when you were explaining. The card is very appropriate for me and my life.” – Paula D.

“Great reading. Very accurate for what I am going through. True representation of what I am feeling. Thank you for making me feel so relaxed.” – Natalie A.

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