Using positive anchors to manifest a new reality

Notes From Another Land | Travel Print Gallery Wall | Amy Maureen Lynch

Integrating future visions into everyday life

There are a few things I do to ‘act as if’, anchor my future goals, dreams and visions and ensure I keep my mind in positive flow when it comes to manifesting a new reality that is very different from my current one.

Notes From Another Land | Travel Gallery Wall Vision Board | Amy Maureen Lynch

For example, I currently have a creative studio and second home overseas vision board disguised as a framed collage photo displayed in the middle of a gallery wall in our living space…surrounded by prints dedicated to travel!

The wall contains a mix of art prints from an artist I met while living in London, England, art cards from local bookshops in the city, my own travel photography and some Pinterest inspiration for exact examples of what I envision a second home living space to look like.

Full disclaimer: We don’t fully own our current (and first) home in Canada at the moment but I don’t believe that is a reason to stop envisioning a future one. If I believed that theory, I would never have made the move to Australia or Europe when I did (before I was ‘ready’, things ‘made sense’ or opportunities ‘arrived’). Instead I envisioned what I wanted, anchored it in, took inspired action and it resulted in many manifestations.

Decorating your present space with future intentions

There are those who attend vision board workshops and then tuck it in a drawer to never be gazed upon again.

Others may journal their desires and hide them away for safe-keeping.

Some lament about their lofty dreams with close friends only, then blush at the ‘absurdity’ of those things coming true. Refusing to believe, hope or actively push for them to come true.

Maybe it’s to avoid the disappointment of things not turning out the way you had planned or getting even close to what you hope for.

I say, “Go big, darling! No one can make it happen for yourself but you and YOU need to believe it WILL happen, even if you don’t know how (yet).”

Notes From Another Land | I Love Ireland Andrea Rossi Art Studio Galway | Amy Maureen Lynch

How I manifest my anchors: A recent example

I hung my ‘future creative studio in a second home overseas vision’ collage last year before baby number two was born. It was one of the first jobs I gave my new home computer and printer.

Some people nest with nursery set-up, I get busy doing manifesting work. 😂

I want to create unique experiences with my international family at home and abroad so I need to start now.

Fast forward to January 2019, when we vacationed in Ireland with the boys to introduce them to some of the other side of their family.

We stopped at local spots and I did some research, which all went very well considering we had two kids under age three with us.

Before the trip, I reached out to the new owners of a local estate home steeped in history, folklore and culture to set up a meeting. I wanted to enquire about hosting creative retreats on the Emerald Isle in future and they were delighted to welcome me for a private tour of the 300-year-old home, grounds and a cup of tea by the fire in their dining hall.

Notes From Another Land | Rural Galway | Amy Maureen Lynch

I had the local Galway-area knowledge of my relations, the historical background courtesy of Google and my ideas to share. The new owners (one from Dublin and one from Australia) had been renovating the home over the past few years and converting it from a heritage estate into a B&B and yoga studio (the ballroom is used for this, as you do).

We exchanged stories, future plans, previous family travel and common experiences, as they had relocated from Cairns, Australia when they purchased the home a few years back.

It was surreal. But also…very real and felt like my wishes were materializing in real time.

On another day, we visited a local town and walked into an oceanfront artist studio in a village of craftsperson cottages with my family and I felt, “this is it”. 🐚🌊

Notes From Another Land | Salthill Promenade Galway

I spoke to a few local artists, bought some of their wares and wandered around the oceanfront village for a bit on the edge of Galway city.

When we returned to Canada, I decorated our home with the art and items from our trip. I also contacted the local business association and enquired about leasing agreements, terms and length.

Nothing available at the moment as they are leased for 10 years at a time and often renewed. But I took some small actions, met with a local artist in Canada to ask her advice about starting a creative practice and even enquired about studio space here.

Emotion over effort: Make it easy to feel good about your plans

What else have I done since dreaming up this vision?

  • My ring tray is a mermaid tail, when I take off my jewellery at night I think of the ocean
  • The art in our bedroom features Irish and seaside sc2eenes, with beach house colour schemes
  • I have desktop and phone backgrounds using photos which are views from oceanfront properties
  • My home has Irish blessings and a Bridgid’s cross, reminding me of our family’s background and keeping negativity at bay
  • Our wedding was held in Salthill, Galway along Galway Bay which flows into the Atlantic Ocean, looking at our wedding pictures always reminds me of what it looked and felt like
  • I talk about it openly (in addition to writing about it) in a present/certain tense, as in it is going to happen and it is on its’ way
  • We only use Irish breakfast tea (Barry’s Red Label) which we buy from a local shop that imports dry goods from the Emerald Isle but that is also a personal preference for us (tea snobs who refuse to drink the common Orange Pekoe blends in Canada)

By creating small anchors in my everyday life, I breeze through the day and have several touchpoints with my vision without having to do active meditation, journaling or more. But if that’s your jam then by all means integrate it into your regular practices!

I have two young kids and between home, work and creative routines, I prefer to not have to think as I manifest too much.

While reading this, you may feel I am obsessing about a wild, unachievable or unrealistic goal but on the contrary, it actually feels very relaxed to me as I am detached from the outcome of ‘when, where and how’ things will happen but still reminded regularly of the ‘what’ I want.

One thing I know about my past experiences with manifesting is you can’t predict how quickly or slowly it will happen, you need to be careful what you wish for and you need to be ready when it arrives.

You may have to do something that scares the shit out of you or the result you get may show up in an unpredictable package that still meets your criteria but feels like a bit of a sly joke played on you by the Universe and/or life.

I now notice signs everywhere 🍀🌈

People wearing Irish shirts, overhearing conversations about travel and the other day as we were driving, a vehicle changed lanes ahead of us to reveal a campervan in front with a clover and ‘shamrock’ written on the back!

Yes, I hear you Universe and I appreciate the positive vibes.

I recently started focusing on creating passive income, offering additional services and taking on client work to fund my dream. An unexpected fork in the road/curveball from the Universe: What I thought may be a detour (client work to supplement income) has turned into many aligned opportunities which could propel my efforts. 🙌

Notes From Another Land | Travel Print Gallery Wall | Amy Maureen Lynch

Anyone else getting pleasantly surprised by your manifesting magic these days!? 🔮

I would love to learn more about the positive anchors you have tried (or plan to try after reading this) when working towards a future goal!

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