Signs, signs, everywhere a sign

Amy Lynch Notes From Another Land Intuitive Entrepreneur Creative Artist

Amy Lynch Notes From Another Land Intuitive Entrepreneur Creative Artist

Do you believe in signs and omens?

Last month, when I was presenting at a conference at Carleton University in Ottawa, I stopped to snap a photo of my tropical print and the greenery outside…when I looked down there were a few copies of Australian Artist Magazine.

I also regularly start the car only to hear ‘Men At Work’ singing ‘Land Down Under‘ blaring on the radio. And it’s never at the same time of day!

Stopping to take note

  1. I used to live in Australia with my husband before we had kids. It is where our first home is, where we built amazing friendships, networks and ties to the community and it is where we plan to take our children in future.
  2. If you asked me what I wanted to be as a little girl, I would have answered: An artist and writer who goes on adventures. I have been writing regularly, am getting back in touch with the art community now and I know deep down I want to practice art more regularly. I’ve been having great adventures abroad and now I’m in a season of my life where I’m creating new and more local ones.
  3. I used to edit, design and publish a magazine for an Australian company, remotely where I was based in Europe. It was a project I pitched, created and delivered over three years from 2014 and I am proud to say it still published editions after I handed it over, once my first son was born.

Three reminders of my past and now I am exploring how I have changed and what I can bring with me on the next evolution of my adventures!

Animal and wildlife spotting

We eat our meals facing the garden and oftentimes, we see a rabbit and sometimes a baby bunny, munching away at leaves in our backyard. Our breakfasts and dinners are now usually accompanied by the friendly neighbourhood rabbit(s), squirrels and birds.

But a few weeks back, when I was getting ready to head upstairs for bed, I peered out our front door to spot a rabbit lounging. On the stones in front of our front steps.

Amy Lynch Notes From Another Land Tarot Intuitive Rabbit Spirit Animal

I shit you not. This little dude moved up from backyard garden grazing to front yard lounging. Side sprawl, tail out. Directly in front of our door. Brazenly staring at passerby and their dogs. It could have been the heatwave. Or perhaps our welcoming nature but I’m going with the latter on this one.

Any signs you’re repeatedly getting lately?

P.S. Australia (especially you Queensland) we love and miss you!

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