The First Move: A Fictional Short Story Submission

A fictional short story told from two perspectives: A woman being followed when she’s alone with her children and the man pursuing her. The reader is taken along as the internal dialogue alternates between both parties, learning about their history and motives with mounting suspense. Readers can ‘vote’ for it to be included in the next anthology from Something Or Other Publishing (SOOP).

Happy Holidays 🎊 AND 2020 Event Dates From Babies, Business + Breakfast 👶📈☕️

Babies, Business + Breakfast now has a more permanent home
I’m excited to share Babies, Business + Breakfast has been selected as one of the Cours Bayview Yards Meetups in 2020!

A Babies, Business + Breakfast story about community and supporting local business

This is not a sponsored post, it’s a mini story about serendipity, manifesting, community and supporting small business.

Babies, Business + Breakfast Update: 2019 ups and downs, local events and a new space at Bayview Yards

Earlier this Fall, the team at Bayview Yards approached me to host our group as one of the regular ‘Bayview Meetups’ which means events will be lower cost for me to host and hopefully we will be able to welcome even more parents who want to pursue professional development alongside their loved ones!

When The Show Can’t Go On And You Realize You’re On The Rollercoaster Known As Life

2019 has been wonderful and miserable. Character building and soul destroying. Joyful and woeful. Awe-inspiring and terrifying. Brimming with love, closely followed by fear. Full of life, shadowed by death.

Why You Should Show Up (And Keep Showing Up)

In the spirit of sharing what’s on in Ottawa–with the goal of breaking those feelings of isolation, cabin fever, creative urge and desire to connect with other humans you’re not related to–here are a few low to no cost events happening around the city over the coming weeks.