Happy Holidays 🎊 AND 2020 Event Dates From Babies, Business + Breakfast 👶📈☕️


The presents have been opened, it looks like a toy explosion in our house and we are trying to keep the naps on schedule. You?

Christmas movies have been on repeat and we made some crafts that actually look like reindeer. 

Then realized on the 23rd we had run out of wrapping paper. 

Santa delivered on the wishes and I have never seen so many wheels indoors.

I am also refusing to open the gift with 100+ magnetic pieces until next week and plan to hide half the toys in the basement so the novelty doesn’t wear off. 

An attempt to create a family tradition of a St. Stephen’s / Boxing Day family walk was a bit of a fail as the ice rain had other plans.

Then we had a lovely coffee and play date with another Babies, Business + Breakfast community member and are getting ready to enjoy the rest of the weekend at home. 

All in all, it’s been a pretty magical Christmas!

But I know it is not always so. It can be challenging, stressful, overwhelming, underwhelming, full of expectations and hard to process.

Sometimes your ‘family’ isn’t related to you. Sometimes they are and you wish they weren’t!

Whatever the situation, it’s always good to create your own traditions and memories with those who fill your cup and make you feel good.

However you’re spending the holidays, I hope you’re enjoying some restful time.

Please know I am always sending you positive vibes, a virtual cup of coffee and parenthood solidarity.

And on that note, I am cooking up future meetups to keep growing this wonderful community of parents and their families.

Babies, Business + Breakfast now has a more permanent home
I’m excited to share Babies, Business + Breakfast has been selected as one of the Cours Bayview Yards Meetups in 2020! 

Invest in yourself alongside your loved ones at these parent-friendly professional development events, complete with a children’s play area.

Whether you are setting out to build a startup, launch a small business, remote work, freelance or seeking a career change, learn from guest speakers whom have built and/or worked in successful companies – all while raising their families. 

Mark these future dates for upcoming Babies, Business + Breakfast events in the first quarter of 2020:
Friday, February 14th
Tuesday, March 31st

To keep it simple, all events will be scheduled between 10 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. (EST).

Stay tuned for guest speaker announcements and registration links in early January.

Looking forward to seeing you in the New Year and thank you for all of your support so far! 

Amy Lynch (+ Family)
Founder of Babies, Business + Breakfast

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