Bringing kids into corporate settings…including Parliament Hill

My toddler and I even went to an event on Parliament Hill for the first time together, through the heavy-duty security clearance with our stroller, diaper bag and winter gear on a very snowy day. If you can travel with kids and do airport and customs security, you’ll be fine on Parliament Hill!

On grit and creating your own luck

I haven’t always felt like I belonged at Bayview Yards since I started visiting three years ago in 2017, especially when wheeling my stroller or lugging a car seat and sleeping babe into a packed workshop room. BUT the times are a changing and sometimes you need to create a place for yourself.

Babies, Business + Breakfast: Intellectual Property Pop-Up Event

I hosted the first event of 2020 on February 14th, where we focused on ‘Protecting Your Ideas’ with Natalie Raffoul, Managing Attorney at Brion Raffoul and Julia Elvidge, Tech Business Leader, Advisor, Mentor, Investor and Board Member.

Babies, Business + Breakfast takes over Bayview Yards (for one morning a month)

It’s not every day you see stroller parking, car seats, onesie snowsuits and a children’s play area in the Training Room at Bayview Yards (also the home of Invest Ottawa). And it’s not every day as a parent that you find yourself mixing with other parents alongside your kids, as you discuss protecting your ideas, the implications of having (or not having) an Intellectual Property strategy, the changing tech landscape and how others have mixed (and are still learning how best to mix) work and home in life.

Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions About My Parent-Friendly Professional Development Events

Uncertain about what to expect when attending business events with your kids? This is what you can expect when you attend my Babies, Business + Breakfast pop-up events, which I’ve been hosting at business startup and accelerator spaces around the City of Ottawa.

Low Cost Professional Development Events You Can Bring Your Kids To This Winter

In the spirit of sharing what’s on in Ottawa–with the goal of breaking those feelings of isolation, cabin fever, creative urge and desire to connect with other humans you’re not related to–here are a few low to no cost events happening around the city over the coming weeks.

When You Need To Slow Down To Speed Up

Last month involved more rest, laundry, tea, reading, cuddles, medicine and less marketing, hustling, stressing, driving, doing, striving than most of my adult life and you know what happened? People kept visiting, reading, subscribing and registering.

Babies, Business + Breakfast ️🚼📈 Is Coming To Bayview Yards In February!

Join us on Friday, February 14th 2020 from 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. to talk about protecting your ideas (and investing in yourself). Fuel up on fresh business inspiration, strong coffee and connect with other like-minded parents at Babies, Business + Breakfast.

Happy Holidays 🎊 AND 2020 Event Dates From Babies, Business + Breakfast 👶📈☕️

Babies, Business + Breakfast now has a more permanent home
I’m excited to share Babies, Business + Breakfast has been selected as one of the Cours Bayview Yards Meetups in 2020!