New Moon In Cancer Vibes

As the mum of two Cancer season kids and a friend to many water sign babies, I feel all their feels and can’t believe I am now the parent of two 5 and 3 year olds…who can pretty well outrun, outcry and outcreative me any day of the week.

A creative space of your own

My magic making corner: Art, astrology and inspirational books, fresh peonies, tarot and oracle decks, a handwritten golden vision card and a diary to record my thoughts. All covering an air duct, much nicer to look at!

Mixing Babies And Business™ joins Startup Canada Communities

The first Parent-Friendly Professional Development Pop Up Event I hosted in May 2018 – I went on to host a few more events before the pandemic and now it’s a virtual community with plans to spread across the country through Startup Canada Communities.

Livestreaming between Ireland and Canada

Thanks to modern technology, I could livestream from my home office in Ottawa across multiple countries in real time, facilitate chat with attendees and live Tweet, while Nana looked after my two kids at home.

A Canadian Farm Wedding

Mother Nature threw us a curveball the day before but definitely delivered a wonderful pre Summer Solstice celebration.

Small Everyday Wonders

Since birth, throughout the infant, toddler and now school age stage, I’ve been nurturing an appreciation for small business, good coffee, the arts and impromptu on street performances in both our first home (London, England) and our current home (Ottawa, Canada).

Remembering How To Receive

This is where I’m pretending I am spending most of my sunny days when I close my eyes: On a beach, with nowhere to be and hair that stays in a bun.

Manifesting + Magic In The Making

Less than one month after sharing my podcast workflow on this blog and my social media, I’m now presenting it as an online webinar and workshop. This my friends, is the beauty of sharing your work, showing up and trusting in the timing of things.

New Moon Mantras

Pleasure over pressure: In the words of Rebecca Campbell, this is how I’ve been feeling over the past year and a half.