Lessons from the L-SPARK Female Founders and Funders Event

Yesterday I attended L-SPARK’s Female Founders and Funders event, along with 200+ other women and men, who were seeking local inspiration and insights during a sunny spring afternoon. The event featured opening remarks from: Erin Blaskie (@ErinBlaskie), Director of Marketing at L-SPARK Solange Tuyishime (@MissSolange), UNICEF Canada Ambassador, President of Elevate International and former MissContinue reading “Lessons from the L-SPARK Female Founders and Funders Event”

I’m writing a book

I’ve been remote working from Europe for the past few years and travelling around, blogging and posting photos to Instagram as I went. Mostly for my friends, family and to fulfill my need to write and be creative. But while I was pregnant, I had one of those idea-in-the-shower moments and a concept for my book.