The Patriarchy Isn’t Going To Smash Itself

In April, I had a casual chat over email with a new contact about smashing the patriarchy. Because it won’t smash itself and if we wait for that to happen we will be waiting a loooooooooooong ass time.

Why I Started Bringing My Kids Into Business Settings

One of my goals for 2020 is to get more comfortable speaking to camera. I’m working on it slowly but surely and you’ll be seeing more of these kinds of posts! This week, I’m talking about how Babies, Business + Breakfast™ began when I became a parent and started bringing my children into business settings.

Working From Home With Kids Tips And Interview

If you’ve found your windows of ‘work’ time during quarantine shrinking based on your kids’ attention spans, this one’s for you. I’ve used time blocking over the years to improve my efficiency with work tasks and output, while lowering my stress levels and feeling more in control when the unexpected (always) occurs.

I’m Speaking Up

I believe Black Lives Matter. Having young kids to care for is not an excuse for me to stay silent. In fact, as a white woman of privilege with access to a contact database, my Canadian dollars, my authentic words and my determination to learn and express anti-racism activism, I am very much committed to NOT remaining silent.

Interview With Female Tech Leaders Magazine About Remote Work

Interview With Female Tech Leaders Magazine About Remote Work: Since the pandemic, I’ve been working from home for myself, while looking after our two children full-time. It’s a different kind of situation to our usual routine but my expatriate, remote work and parenthood experiences over the past decade have all prepared me for the feelings of isolation, disconnection and instability we are currently experiencing as a family.

Speaking About Mixing Babies With Business

I started working remotely in 2014 while living abroad, before having kids. Then I became a parent in 2016, stopped travelling (and sleeping) as much and had to experiment with different ways to make flexible work actually WORK for me. There is no ‘work Amy’ and ‘parent Amy’. I am one person, with many facets, responsibilities and little separation between my home and work environments, as many are experiencing right now.

Real (working from home) life moments

I’m resharing a post from late 2018 I wrote about mixing parenthood and professional development, as it feels even more timely now.

Working Behind The Scenes + Government Support For Your Business

This post is for business owners, freelancers, remote workers and/or those with a business idea they are in the middle of validating, researching or exploring.

Work From Home (WFH) Time Blocking Made Easy

I’ve been working remotely since 2014, when I was living in Europe but freelancing for a company in Australia across a 10-hour time difference. For the past six years I’ve used time blocking to create an evolving schedule that works for me and in more recent years, my family as well.