The conversation of coincidences

Hope you had a lovely Easter long weekend! Before I delve into what we got up to in Edinburgh by way of too many photos, I must share a conversation I had today. Because really, this isn’t just a picture blog, it’s also for sharing snippets of everyday moments that happen to me. Rare or not, I meet a lot of interesting strangers.


Today, while waiting for another late bus to Dublin city (25 minutes behind schedule guys, c’mon, you can do better), I met a lovely older gentleman.

While asking him about train fares, we discovered his family and my husband’s family are from the same area of County Galway, they may have even taught my relations in Corofin. He also has Canadian connections now, as his grandson just married a Canuck from Calgary AND he almost accepted a teaching job in Montreal back in the day.

We spoke about West of Ireland roadtrips on the newly opened Wild Atlantic Way and reminisced about how beautiful Scotland is (no offence to you, Eire). He met his wife over there and they lived in Scotland for some time, he missed it when they left.

We exchanged names, pleasantries, stories about Irish Canadian weddings and we even discussed photojournalism. He owns a Canon (I used to) and goes into Dublin to get his film rolls developed (I used to know how to develop my own).

So what of this conversation of coincidences? Perhaps I am overly friendly or just too curious but I did see today is ‘Pay It Forward’ day. Next time you’re waiting to get to your next destination, why not strike up a conversation with a stranger – you never know what you may have in common!