Starting A Podcast While Working From Home With Kids

My quick setup

Today was the first interview for my upcoming Babies, Business + Breakfast™ Podcast: Where Parenthood Meets Professional Development.

This video is a quick tour of my very budget home podcasting setup while I also juggle caregiving duties for two preschoolers and a recap of my first interview!

I had a great chat today with Frankie Tortora – she’s a mum of two kids, freelance graphic designer: francescatortoradesign and founder of Doing It For The Kids, a WONDERFUL community for freelance parents trying to make flexible working work.

She also co-hosts the DIFTK Podcast with Steve Folland of Being Freelance, which won Bronze Best Business Podcast at the British Podcast Awards in 2020.

Babies Business Breakfast Podcast Interview with Frankie Tortora of Doing It For The Kids

My second-worst fear was realized during the start of our call: TECH FAIL.

The primary fear was both my kids screaming in the background the entire time, which they’ve started doing in competition with each other any time I want to talk about anything other than outer space, Peppa Pig or construction sites.

Luckily, one napped while the other played outside with his Dad. I can’t guarantee future interviews will go as smoothly but at least I’m starting off with one strong audio episode.

We had a recording back-up plan, Frankie is a podcast pro and we simply logged off and tried again, during which she helped me out while also negotiating with her 2 and 5-year-old.

Despite it being the weekend and 7 p.m. in England, she was still happy to discuss all things parenthood, business, work and life during the pandemic. Thanks for the chat Frankie!

If you’re looking for tips on freelance life with kids in the mix, check out the Doing It For The Kids Podcast (use search in your favourite app/streaming service, it’s all over the place):

There’s almost 50 episodes for you to binge listen to, all Q&A style involving the DIFTK community, running for under 20 minutes each and it’s like chatting with two good work mates who also happen to be parents who just…get it.

Steve’s been recording some episodes from his parked car for sound quality during the pandemic, Frankie records and edits from her kitchen table and home office.

If they can do it, you can too! 🎢

Join our movement. Bring your kids.

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