What am I writing about?

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So what am I writing about?

I call it Chick Lit meets Fin Lit.

A bit of expat romance mixed in with large doses of reality: the major life milestones you face in your 20s and their related money issues.

If that seems too lighthearted for a serious topic, then you’ll have to excuse me. I love bad puns and I want to write something that I wish existed when I first signed up for a $hit ton of student debt in 2003.

I was hopeful and naive: 17 years young, had to get a co-signer on my loan but apparently old enough to make life and debt decisions. (Bad pun #2)

I want to help women live their best life, whatever that means for them.

First, I would like to start with millennial women, because I am of the same generation.
Write what you know.

More specifically, I want to focus on financial literacy.

Marry An Accountant Amy Maureen Lynch Book Launching Soon

I am not an expert in personal finance myself, I come from a creative background in journalism and marketing. BUT I have created and managed budgets at work, dealt with invoicing and bookkeeping as a sole trader, moved country four times and I am married to an Accountant. I like to ask a lot of questions, tell stories and have been around my fair share of finance professionals.

I’ve studied, worked, studied, worked and paid all my debts back well before I hit 30. I’m student debt free, getting ready to purchase our first home and trying to figure out all this tax, investing, entrepreneurship and retirement planning malarkey – while looking after our family.

I don’t have the answers to everything but I want to talk about my own personal experiences over the past seven years and provide some practical resources for women that are relatable, flexible and helpful. We’re talking debt, milestones, goals and preparing for the future.

I started 2017 by asking millennial women in Europe, Canada and Australia about their personal experiences with their personal finances.

I want to help women to help themselves and contribute to the conversation around women and money. There are many ways, shapes and forms this conversation can take place but to start with I’m writing a book.

As someone short on time these days, this is the best way I can use my skills, experiences and time to start the conversation. I see it moving forward from there but I’m hoping my readers, customers and community will help me decide the direction it takes.

Since we’ve relocated to Canada, we have had a lot on our plate.

My husband had to look for and secure a new job. We had to buy a car. We’re trying to figure out where to ‘settle down’. Our son is practicing crawling, trying to walk and challenging my baby proofing skills daily.

Writing a book and working on my startup concept went to the bottom of the list when it comes to life priorities versus business goals.

Yes I know, I had a baby in that time and moved country and changed a lot of things.

But I stopped writing for almost one whole year. And you know what happened? Words didn’t get written. Ideas have percolated but have not been shared. My potential readers, listeners, customers, people who my book and business concept may help, have not heard from me.

Time keeps passing regardless and I don’t think I will have any more of it at any point in the near future!

So I am posting this now as a bit of personal and professional accountability but also to share what I’m working on.

Since arriving in Canada, I have written emails to local and national contacts to share my idea and see what resources are available.

I started writing in tiny pockets of time at night if our son would go to sleep the first time around.

I’ve brought him along to pitch days and mentor meetings with me, where I received more positive feedback and encouragement for my concept.

I have dedicated time at weekends when I can work on my writing and any other creative projects, in order to meet my Fall 2017 2018 book ‘due date’.

I’ll keep sharing my writing progress and business concept in the lead up to the book launch with subscribers.

Marry An Accountant FB Cover Photo (1)

If you’re interested in learning more and providing your feedback, you can:

Thank you for reading, I’m looking forward to sharing my story with you soon and hearing what you have to say!


Founder, Her Best Life

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