NYC in a nutshell: An experience of a lifetime

Notes From Another Land / NYC in a nutshell: Things to DO

Notes From Another Land / NYC in a nutshell: Things to DO

Or as I should call it, how to cope in subzero temperatures during one of the coldest winters in a decade to hit the Big Apple:

“You’re in New York! The city of dreams! Even if it’s -15°C, you should be outside in the great outdoors exploring!”

These are all inside thoughts I had while brisk walking up and down, over and across the grid-like streets in a very frosty February. When my layers stopped doing their job and I needed a break from the relentless windchill, these are a few places I ducked into. Some of them I even got dolled up for and wore tights and a dress in the hopes that I would lose feeling in my legs quick enough that by the time I reached my venue of choice, it would all be worth it.

“Because I was in New York! The city of dreams!”

Now while we did hit up our fair share of tourist attractions, I will be saving that for NYC in a nutshell post #4 – Things to SEE. These are things I DID. And while all things I saw and did were an experience in their own right, these involved me emotionally, physically and financially. Because we all know Manhattan isn’t budget friendly but it is worth it!

Let’s start with the main reason I made the trip across the Atlantic: Social Media Week NYC.

Five days of live and live streamed sessions for 10,000 delegates in the Meatpacking District – it was full on and full of interesting content to be absorbed from industry experts and influencers.

Notes From Another Land / NYC in a nutshell: Social Media Week
Social Media Week NYC

Once you wrap your head around that schedule of events crammed into one week with so many sessions to absorb and implement in your workplace, your life and your future start-up plans, you need to balance the enormity of it all with some classic must-do NYC experiences.

Notes From Another Land / NYC in a nutshell: NY Knicks at Madison Square Garden
NY Knicks at Madison Square Garden

Things to DO in Manhattan:

Get artsy. On my first night in the city, I got dolled up for a cocktail-party ‘Show your love’ fundraiser for the Irish Arts Center at the Mutual of America building, where I caught up with a friend from Ottawa and supported an organisation that’s been doing great things for the Irish Arts for 40+ years.

Check out The Garden. The next night was dedicated to attending the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden: yes, they lost against Miami Heat (and it was to be expected as my Canadian/American seat neighbours informed me) but we did see 50 Cent, The Strokes, the Momma from Gossip Girl, a court side proposal (accepted – win!) and an odd acrobatics/gymnastic duo…big bang for your buck.

Visit Broadway. Everyone needs to see a show while they’re in New York! We chose The Book of Mormon and it was a great night, the cast was hilarious and at times you could cut the tension in the room with a knife. Maybe not a good first date show, unless you want to be clear right off the bat you have the same sense of humour, but it was quite the experience to have.

Explore the outdoors. While I didn’t go ice skating in Central Park, of course I do need to mention it as something you could do since I have used a photo of delighted skaters to lure you in. Call me a spoiled Canadian but when you grow up with ice in your backyard for six months of the year, the heart doesn’t scream “pay for a slice of that ice!” just because you’re in New York. It was a beautiful (and freezing) Sunday when I took that snap and if you have never skated in your life, this would definitely be the place to try it out!

Treat yourself. Since I will have a whole blog post dedicated to shopping, this one is only about an experience that involved indulging myself on my last day in the city with a trip to The Drybar for a pre-final night in NYC/pre-early morning flight blow out to bring me into the weekend. And let me tell you this, they promise a cocktail of grooming options (I went for Southern Comfort) and for under $50 in 60 minutes, you walk in frazzled and walk out fab. I dressed up for the occasion and can completely understand why the ladies of Manhattan book in for their morning blow dry before attending to their morning schedule. With fruit infused water, champagne on order and who knows how many chairs on the go, this place is open from 7am and they mean business. Crazily enough, a month after I arrived back in my small town in Kildare, this chain had a sign in a shop window – – – yes ladies, The Drybar is catching on in Ireland too!

And on that note, I will leave you until my next post about shopping in Manhattan – please do share any tips or memorable experiences you’ve had in NYC via the comments below. 🙂

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