Irish times

We’ve been in the Emerald Isle for the past month, while the husband looked for work, we caught up with family and tried to get our bearings.


I dealt with this uncertainty and the ‘winds of change’ the way any normal foreigner would. Through Guinness, long and winding walks, baking in the turf fired range, guzzling down mug after mug of tea and filling everyone in on the ‘news’.


You see, one thing that is drastically different from living on the other side of the planet from your relations is, once you’re next door or in the same house, it’s like life’s little and sometimes insignificant updates go from 0 to 150km an hour in terms of how fast news travels. In other words, the privacy bubble, the little cocoon you create around your expat lives, is no more.

I am in no way saying this is a bad thing, as we both grew up on farms near small towns where everyone knows your business. You can walk into any shop and have a chat or wave to strangers as they pass you by and you receive a friendly wave in return. But a little privacy goes a long way and we did enjoy doing our own thing, as we pleased.


The other thing that has changed is our portion sizes and the menu options. You get SO MUCH food here. Needless to say, two meals a day and a few snacks will get you through. Now that husband has a job and we have settled into an apartment in the village, we can start to cook for ourselves and get somewhat back into a routine. Call me a Canadian granola cruncher but is it too much to ask for a bit of muesli or avocado on the brekky menu?


I have heaps of updates from the past month and some interesting conversations with strangers, which I will share in my next few posts. For now, we are unpacking the cases, rebuilding our little bubble and trying to get settled into Irish life!

Published by Amy Maureen Lynch

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