Coffee culture

Yesterday I did something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, especially since moving to Australia.

I learned how to make coffee.

Not just instant, filtered or drip coffee you can get in a diner or fast food joint. I learned how to make proper espresso.


I took a course at Merlo Coffee in Fortitude Valley where I learned about the different blends they use, their roasting techniques, what grinds work best with their Wega machines and how to extract the perfect shot of espresso.

I tested my milk frothing skills, making a piccolo, flat white, latte, cappuccino and we even sampled ristrettos (half the extraction of a normal shot of espresso), long and short blacks.

While I am not a pro yet, it was great to get an insight on Australia’s coffee culture and the inspiration behind the company that a lawyer started years ago, to address the dilemma of finding a good cup in Queensland.

I can’t wait to apply my new barista skills and espresso knowledge overseas!