Seasoned traveller?

I thought I was pretty experienced when it comes to air travel, but boy was I proven wrong on my last trip to Melbourne.

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© Amy Lynch


Despite my multipurpose layers, minimal shoes, tiny toiletries and under 7 kilos of checked luggage, I managed to get pulled up by security for trying to sneak scissors on board. Twice.

Silly me, packing my travel grooming kit on the way to Melbourne in my carry on luggage. Then on the way back after the conference I got pulled up for forgetting our booth box scissors in my event supplies bag. Having a security guard rifle through your dirty laundry and butterfly stickers to try to locate a pair of pink child sized scissors? Not exactly my trip highlight.

Needless to say, I am now all the wiser and will be triple checking my hand luggage on future trips. Stay tuned for Melbourne highlights in my next post!