Entrepreneur inspiration

Yesterday the husband and I headed to a free event for start ups, entrepreneurs and investors called the Unconvention.

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© Amy Lynch

The whole idea was to get aspiring entrepreneurs with visions of success to become ‘scaleable and saleable’ with their business by signing up to a paid program that would partner you with experts to grow your company and fine tune your strategy.

While I didn’t opt to sign up for the program, we did take away a few key points that will help me get my business from the ‘study’ and ‘seed’ phases of an idea to a start up that holds its own – and will maybe even employ staff some day!

Some of the tips were:
– make your mistakes on someone else’s dollar and time – learn as much as you can before going out on your own
– don’t wait for perfection in order to start, just do it – get your product or service to market
– personal growth is aligned with business growth – don’t be afraid of failure as challenges create opportunities, so make the most of your obstacles
– get grey power – surround yourself with people who have been there, done that, made the mistakes and can act as your advisory board
– put the systems and processes in place so that you can work on your business, not in it – part of having an exit strategy involves training other staff to ensure your business can run smoothly without you.

You may have read all of the above before in a strategy textbook, autobiography, LinkedIn post or newspaper column but it’s always good to remember the basics of business, right?