Lessons from a barista

This morning I went to my usual coffee shop to see the dynamic duo that always bring a smile to my face – even when it’s before 7am!

I mentioned I’m keen to learn how to make coffee and asked my barista how long he’s worked for, if he took a course, etc. I’ve been told some companies in Brisbane are better than others and I’m trying to suss out which is the best choice for me before we head overseas and I can apply my new espresso experience. From what I’ve seen, many places could do with a good Aussie flat white, long black or latte.

What happened next is a typical occurrence in my everyday life. Sometimes you only need ask the question, for someone to be willing to show you the answer.

He invited my behind the counter where he told me you should always wipe the grounds out of the handle before getting your coffee grounds. He let me smell the beans to show how fresh the roast was. He showed me how many flicks you need to pull a good amount of coffee grounds, evening the coffee with a tamper before running the machine. He even gave me tips on timing and volume for the best espresso extraction.


© Amy Lynch

Et voilà! I am now that much closer to beginning my barista career.