Attending Collision Conference 2019 (with or without kids): PT 1

Headed home from Toronto to Ottawa on the train from Collision Conference early to see my kids but grateful to the organizers for providing me with the opportunity to purchase a discounted Women in Tech ticket while on parental leave. 👶📈

I *almost* brought the whole family down to Toronto to attend North America’s biggest tech conference together BUT after spending the past three years bringing my children with me into business settings in Canada and abroad, we opted to swap roles for a few days, ramp up the weaning process with the baby and I hopped on the train for a rare few days (and sleep-filled nights) solo.

I was happy to see other parents bringing their children and doing their thing, the babies I met were under 12 months of age and were with one or more of their parents. I didn’t see toddlers or older children but maybe they were at the food trucks or VR booth? 🚚😎

I honestly don’t think I could have swung bringing my two kids under age three solo, as it was sensory overload and thousands of people in one place. I predict we would have spent a great deal of time hanging on the sofas in the Women In Tech lounge.

If we all venture to the conference in future it would need to consist of days broken up by lots of fresh air, walks, exploring the city and time away from the event crowds. As well as heaps of snacks, nappy supplies, npise cancelling headphones and spare changes of clothes. 🎧

However, if I’m doing a demo, meeting an investor or presenting on stage in future then it WILL be a family affair and all systems go!

But on this occasion and for a rare few days, I networked solo, met lots of great parents doing great things, pitched without babywearing (and was complimented on how well I pitched – there goes my theory kids bring good luck!), wore a purse instead of a diaper backpack, left the stroller at home to take transit and lots of stairs, ate when I was hungry and stayed up past 8 p.m. 🙌

Will write a bit of a recap of the event from a parentpreneur perspective but for now, I’m glad I had the financial incentive to go, a supportive family to make it happen, friends to welcome me in Toronto and the opportunity to invest in myself and meet others along the way!

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