Parent-friendly presenting in real-time at CreativeMornings Ottawa!

I don’t often post pics of my kids on social media but since I just did a talk on the theme of ‘Inclusive’ for CreativeMornings Ottawa alongside them both, here’s what the evolution of a 5-min lightning talk looks like when you’re with a 10-month-old and almost three-year-old in front of a room full of attendees!

Scroll through to get a short video clip and all pics are courtesy of the CM Ottawa volunteers, Finn Lin and Amber Warren, as well as front row attendee, Sonia Allaham. 🙌

[Full disclosure: Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa we made it out of the house in time, rolling up at 8:29 a.m. Otherwise, we would have still been at home when the event started.]

Amy Lynch and family at CreativeMornings Ottawa

Photo courtesy of Finn Lin

Baby In The Boardroom: Creating Parent-Friendly Business Spaces + Experiences

Baby in the carrier, notes on a high table, stool nearby for back up, PPT slide clicker running by the CM Ottawa host Maxine Patenaude, toddler being watched by another CM volunteer Amber Warren – until he decides to join us up front 10 seconds in!

Amy Lynch and family at CreativeMornings Ottawa

Photo courtesy of Sonia Allaham

Toddler lingers nearby shyly while baby tries to grab my mic and hair, frustrated because it’s his nap time, he wants to crawl and why can’t he play with my non-toy, toy?!

Toddler loses shyness, starts rolling Lightning McQueen lego car, wandering around, I ditch the baby carrier and hold on to him with one arm and they seem content for another 30 seconds.

Amy Lynch and family at CreativeMornings Ottawa

Photo courtesy of Amber Warren

Baby wants to play on the floor too, so I put him down, him and his bro start pushing the stool around (screechily) on the concrete floor, I pause to consult my notes in between stopping the getaway stool.

Pick up where I left off, then the Lego pieces get a good screech on the floor before I grab one, wrap it up, hand over the mic, pick up the baby and head to the door for a bit of fresh air, snack for us all and to nurse the baby in a quieter hallway.

Amy Lynch and family at CreativeMornings Ottawa

Photo courtesy of Sonia Allaham

When the other talks wrap up, we go back for the panel, they both join me, another speaker, Sharon Nyangweso, offers to hold my baby and I get a question, before the event ends and we begin the 30 minute routine of washroom break for diaper changes, collect our jackets and prep for a rainy walk to the car.

It really took closer to an hour to leave because so many former strangers, now acquaintances, came up to thank us, congratulate us, speak about the talk, share their stories and smile kindly at my kids who were (I’m biased but hey) absolute superstars!

Amy Lynch and family at CreativeMornings Ottawa

Photo courtesy of Amber Warren

You can download the FREE Babies + Business Mini Guide I mentioned in my presentation here.

Babies + Business Mini Guide for Parents

Quick sneak peek video courtesy of multi-talented CreativeMornings Ottawa volunteer (and on-site event childcare provider!), propmaster and designer, Amber Warren:

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