Remember when you wanted what you currently have?

Amy Maureen Lynch - The Living Her Best Life Project

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As some of you may know, I recently had a(nother) baby.
I’ve been using this time to one-handed type the rest of my first book and attempt edits in between my toddler’s nap schedule and baby’s cat naps.

Oh the irony, from someone who’s spouting off about ‘Living Your Best Life’! But here’s the thing – I AM living my best life and it’s mine all mine, based on choices I made.

We were out as a family on Sunday, hitting our local park (used to go to pubs) and then brunching as a family of four (no food was thrown). There was a live acoustic set being played by a guy a bit younger than us and my oldest son was mesmerized.

In between songs, the musician informed us he had a seven-month-old at home and asked us how old our boys were (a little under 2.5 years-old and five-months-old).

His eyes crinkled as he smiled and said, “Ah, the dream. You guys are living our goal.”

It reminded me of a post I shared on Instagram recently which had a whopping 370+ likes – I couldn’t believe it since I didn’t have that many more people actually following my account.

It read:
Remember when you wanted what you currently have.

Some things I said I am grateful for as they are right now, which I used to want:
🇨🇦 Permission to live in the same place as my husband.
👶👦 Two bright and joyful little ones.
🎨📝🏡 A cozy home with a room of my own to create in.
🇦🇺🇬🇧🇮🇪🌏 Amazing experiences as an expat to inspire my writing.

Amy Maureen Lynch and Baby at Startup Conference in Canada

Amy Maureen Lynch cow spotting with her kids

Two of my favourite ways to live my best life lately: bringing my baby into business settings (like this Startup Canada Conference) and cow-spotting with the boys on a sunny weekend.

I’m committed to getting my book self-published before the end of 2018 but I know the route I had originally planned had many detours along the way.

Some of them personal (new mum sleep and snacks over screen time), some financial (our first home and another baby), some professional (a work contract to build my network here). Bit by bit, naptime by naptime, I know I’ll get there eventually and the progress is adding up.

It seems like a huge goal at the outset and when I’m slogging through it, I often feel like surrendering. Giving in. Letting things happen ‘as they’re meant to’. What a crock of #@%.

If I’ve learned anything during my journey so far, it’s that in order to ‘live your best life’ you have to be intentional, active and accountable.

It reminds me of how I felt:
• ✈️ Saving to move overseas (for three years).
• 💸 Paying off my student debt (well before I hit 30).
• 💒 Planning a wedding from abroad in another country (with a guest list spanning three continents).
• 💻 Remote working across timezones so I could travel freely and work from wherever (hello laptop lifestyle).

Now as I write my first book and work towards my next big goal of building a business around my family, I will use the same tactics I used to achieve all of the above.

A positive mindset and the belief I can do it.
Rising to the challenge and taking inspired action.
Surrounding myself with those who will lift me higher.
Regular check-ins and measuring my progress.

Yes, you can wish and want and dream. But the real magic lies in the doing and taking action. Because when you start doing things differently, you get different results. When you venture outside of your comfort zone, interesting things start to happen. When you hold yourself in the highest regard, you start to behave accordingly.

Perhaps this will become second nature to you and you’ll have a hard time remembering what it used to feel like to want what you currently have. Sometimes our goals evolve so much that we barely recognize the dreams we once had, our past fears and limiting beliefs.

This is a note to let you know I’m in the middle of another goal right now but I’m also taking stock of what I currently have. From someone else’s perspective, I may not be living my best life. But from another’s, I may be living their dream! All that really matters is I’m living life on my own terms.

I’d love to hear the recent achievements you used to dream about.
ALSO – the ones you’re working on now but feeling like the end isn’t anywhere in sight!

My next newsletters will have a few excerpts of the book chapters I’m editing and other projects I’m working on. Until then, please keep in touch via my blog and following my Instagram (@amymaureenlynch).

Happy reading and remembering!
Amy x

P.S. Feel free to forward this post to others you know are trying to live their best life. 📬

Amy Lynch's guest post about bringing children into business settings published on Doing It For The Kids!

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