Life is moving fast but we’re staying still

St. Patrick's Day Ottawa, Canada 2018

St. Patrick’s Day Ottawa, Canada 2018 [Photo from a friend]

Can’t believe it’s been over a year since we relocated to Canada! 🇨🇦
In that time, we’ve managed to:
🏡 Purchase our first home
👪 Get our small family somewhat settled
💼 Re-enter Canadian corporate life
🚗 Get our own set of wheels (but we still have our transit passes for Ottawa, Dublin, London and Brisbane…just in case!)
📝 Work on my business concept
✈️ Park the passports and only do domestic travel (for now)
⛄️ Survive our first full winter in 7 years (although it’s April and snow is in today’s forecast)
🍀 Participate in the local St. Patrick’s Day Parade and festivities
🐣 Prepare for the arrival of 🇮🇪🇨🇦 Baby #2 this summer

It’s funny how when you’re in it, life seems to be chugging away as you go through your daily routines. You have a tendency to focus on the what you’re doing and what is up next, as opposed to the what you have accomplished.

It’s the first time in over a decade when I haven’t left the province or the country to go explore somewhere new. I can’t move about as easily and packing takes a bit longer these days so I’m sure that’s part of it, but it’s funny how your lifestyle can go from one extreme to the other.

I’ve also gone from remote working from home, cafés and other third spaces to commuting to an office space and doing the daycare run. There have also been added morning and evening events with my current contract which keep me on my toes and our family’s schedule up in the air but it’s been a good learning curve.

Once Baby #2 arrives, we’ll be getting them set up with their own Irish and Canadian passports and plan to do more travelling once we learn more about this kiddo and get over the newborn fog.

Lots of other goals on the list but none of them as top of a priority at the moment as enjoying family life, looking forward to spring’s arrival and more time spent outdoors!

This post is a small break during a whirlwind year and a pat on the back to remind ourselves of how far we’ve come, without actually having to go that far at all.

How have you spent the past year?

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Amy Maureen Lynch | Writer Parent Expat Founder Flexible Work Advocate

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