Rainy days

© Amy Lynch

© Amy Lynch

It’s been quite a bit rainy here in Brisbane, which is all well and fine by me. Plants need water to grow, it can’t be summer in the sunshine state year round.

However, it does get to me when this early morning rain, fog and mist causes me to get ready in my full corporate wear, trench coat and all ready to seize the day – only to be absolutely roasting by the time I get to the bus stop! It’s days like these when I think cooler temperatures wouldn’t go astray in winter Down Under. At least I could settle into a cosy pub or a nice cafe while sporting stylish layers (and my perfectly matte, cool and calm complexion).

It still makes me laugh at the irony of it all every time I spot someone sporting their oh-so-trendy faux fur vest/hat/coat in Brisbane. If they really think this is winter, then they are in for some surprise on their next Euro-trip!