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Startup Blogging:
Workbook and Templates

Resources to accompany the book Startup Blogging: Validate A Business Idea + Build Your Audience, based on Amy Maureen Lynch's journey as a blogger, writer and founder to date. This book and accompanying resources are designed to help you get your ideas out of your head and into the world.

Here are the resources you requested:

  • Chapter 1: Your Why – Exercise and Action Step
  • Chapter 2: Your Values – Exercise and Action Step
  • Chapter 3: Your Time – Productivity Resources, Ideal Week Template and Action Step
  • Chapter 4: Your Tools – Action Step
  • Chapter 5: Your Content – Writing Prompts, Exercise and Action Step
  • Chapter 6: Your Ideas – Marketing Prompts, Content Generation Resources and Action Step
  • Chapter 7: Define Your Solution – Business Model Canvas and Ideal Customer Resources, Ideal Customer Questionnaire Script and Action Step
  • Chapter 8: Launch Your MVP – Content Tracking Prompts, Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Exercise and Action Step
  • Chapter 9: Test and Evolve – MVP Testing Prompts, Terms and Conditions, Privacy and Refund Policy Template, Exercise and Action Step

IMPORTANT: To download and save a copy of the workbook and templates, please navigate to the top left-hand menu and click: File > Download > Then select which format you would like (Microsoft Word or Excel, PDF, CSV)

I hope you find them helpful and can’t wait to hear about what you’re creating!

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Feedback on Startup Blogging:

Part of the contents of this book were originally created and delivered by me as a conference workshop for an event in 2019.

The content has been carefully edited to focus on making it more digestible and actionable, encouraging you to startup blogging now and test your ideas over the coming months.

“I liked that the focus was on organic development of community and ideas instead of just social media marketing. I also like the periodic questions to consider what I wanted to do with the information.”

“Enjoyed the ideas for how to share your message or find out what resonates with people.”

“I love Amy’s generosity with sharing her knowledge and experience. Really great session.”

“Lots of useful ideas for starting and growing an audience.”

“(I enjoyed) the personal experiences of the presenter, interaction with audience, resource materials and focus on doing things for passion rather than just for money.”

“The topic is very interesting and well presented.”

“Very inspiring.”

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It’s also available from Amazon as a paperback via their print on demand service at the price of $10.99 CAD or $9.99 USD elsewhere*, plus applicable taxes, shipping and handling.

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