Babies + Business Mini Guide

Babies + Business Mini Guide
To Navigating The Corporate Jungle (With Kids)

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I became a parent while living abroad three years ago and working as a remote freelancer. To continue to pursue my interests, ideas and do what I loved – I viewed professional development as a necessary step to investing in myself alongside my children.

I created this Mini Guide in hopes of helping other parents (like you) feel less alone, encouraging you to explore more (alongside your kids) and build your confidence as you go.

If you have feedback on the guide, an experience of your own you’d like to share or a request for more information, please get in touch with me via email: contact[at]

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We believe parenthood and professional development don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

We look forward to connecting with you in future and can’t wait to learn more about how you’re making the future of work, work for you (and your loved ones).

Curious to learn more and can’t wait for the next one to arrive?!

Amy (+ Family)
Writer at Notes From Another Land
Founder | Event + Podcast Host at Mixing Babies And Business™

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