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My background, experience and interests have touched on travel, creativity, intuition, international family life and flexible work. I like to do somewhat scary but always worthwhile things when my gut tells me it is a good idea (like moving countries four times, testing business ideas, experimenting with creativity, storytelling with strangers and more).

One thing ties it all together…the entire time I have largely been following my intuition to design my version of an ideal life for myself (and now my family) and then taking inspired action to manifest future goals.

Sometimes it’s not a specific ‘goal‘ but more of a ‘gut feeling‘ I need to make a change or try something new and then the creative work begins! Either way, change is inevitable and my life has been filled with pleasant surprises alongside each new experience.

Interested in learning more about working with your own intuition and creativity to create your own unique experiences and reality?

Flexible Work

Producing Parent-Friendly Professional Development Events, Community + News as the Founder of Babies, Business + Breakfast.

Download my FREE Babies + Business Mini Guide To Navigating The Corporate Jungle (With Kids).

Read more about my journey creating programming and resources for parents who would like to participate in professional development alongside their children, as well as speaking on the topics of inclusion and entrepreneurship, from the perspective of a parent bringing children into business settings. You can find additional posts on my blog and subscribe for future updates and events at


I’m working on finishing my first book about my early experiences as an expat creative abroad with money, mindset and working towards financial freedom: think fin lit meets chick lit. In between all that, I am focused on settling into life in Canada with my growing international family, practicing art, travelling and writing about all of the above on my blog, social media (links below) and my seasonal newsletter.

Intuitive Services

Using Tarot and Oracle Cards, my readings focus on storytelling to help provide reflection and clarity, often touching on career, self-care, relationships and travel. Clients have said the readings make them feel positive and are very timely. You can learn more and read testimonials here!

Other Events

Looking to connect in real life? I post details of upcoming events on my Facebook Page.

Freelance Marketing Communications

Working remotely with clients in the tech, education, arts and creative industries seeking to build their brand, create original content and engage with their audience. View my previous experience on LinkedIn and my online portfolio via The Dots. If you’re interested in learning more, please get in touch with me via this online contact form.

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