The Babies, Business + Breakfast™ Mini Mastermind Program

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Introducing a mastermind program designed with yours and your child’s needs at the top of the priority listNot as an afterthought!

Focused on creating connections to help you make the progress you desire in a safe and inclusive space.

Spend time with the ones you love while investing in yourself.

90-day ‘sprint’/12-week trimester for parents.

You’re a parent with a passion project you’ve been putting off for far too long.

You have the ideas and the burning desire but you haven’t found the time (or space) to move it forward as much as you’d like to.

Children are noisy, vibrant, curious, loving, challenging, adaptable, relentless, inspiring and while your days are filled with the ins and outs of your new and ever-changing routine, they’re a bit empty when it comes to filling your own cup.

You’re doing great at using your newfound parental powers to get through the physical, mental and emotional marathon of looking after little ones.

You’re loving life but at the end of the day, there isn’t much time leftover for you.

Parenting is non-stop 24/7 and while you knew it would be a demanding role, what you weren’t quite prepared for was the…feelings of isolation.

Nobody told you about…

The sudden bursts of inspiration and creativity you’d experience while feeding your baby, only to lack a pen or paper (or free hands!) to write anything down.

The challenges of setting (without forgetting) your goals and the feeling of sharing them with another open-minded adult.

The difficulties finding events and opportunities which fit into your new schedule and are child-friendly (hello-crack-of-dawn-breakfasts and evening meet-ups, we’re looking at you).

The feelings of loneliness, isolation and frankly, trying to get any sort of feedback on your ideas from someone other than your own family members who prefer to play peekaboo, show you their sweet block tower or demand the umpteenth snack of the day.

It can be lonely out there.

Stimulating conversation. Remembering your pre-kid interests. Meeting people you have things in common with (other than your ability to procreate). 🤣

Free play group drop-ins are great…for the kids.
Story time at the library is awesome…for the kids.
Climbing play structures at the local park is fun…for the kids.

Coffee catch ups and activities can break up your solo time with the kids.

Physical and emotional self-care can help with the aches and pains of parenthood.

But what about your intellectual self-care and mental health?

You want to discuss your business, side gig, seeds of an idea or the niggling feeling you need to shift gears in your career.

Who can you turn to – besides your family, friends (or pet) – and have they done the things you want to do?

You want to work on your business plan/career change/learn how to code/write that book. 

When will you find the motivation and create the time for it and who is checking in on your progress?

You want to go out to meet other people like you, discuss things other than your kid(s) and focus on your needs but you are also their primary caregiver. 

Where can you go to invest in yourself without having to feel like you’re inconveniencing other non-parents or worry you’re the only person who brought along your child?

You don’t need a break. You need a supportive environment to focus on improving yourself without having to sacrifice time with your children or source flexible childcare.

Parenthood and professional development shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

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Join us for a radically different business experience this March through May 2019.

A 90-day ‘sprint’/12-week trimester for parents who want results.

Through a mix of online and offline programming, we are focusing on motivation and advice you can implement straight away.

Event experiences designed by a parent, for other parents – with yours and your child’s needs at the top of the priority list. 

Not as an afterthought! Creating connections to help you make the progress you desire in a safe and inclusive space.

The Babies, Business + Breakfast™ Mini Mastermind Program

This 90-day ‘sprint’ / 12-week trimester is designed to provide:

Accountability: 12 x weekly email check-ins with prompts will help you set, share and achieve your goals.

Community: 3 x monthly face-to-face breakfast meetups will help you connect with parents like you.

Inclusion: Carefully selected venues will ensure you access, attend and enjoy child-friendly events.

Advice: Monthly guest speakers and a 1:1 coaching session will enable you to gain valuable feedback.

Don’t go it alone because you feel like every business space has been designed to be kid-free oasis!

Change takes time and instead of waiting for the professional development world to adapt, we’re creating what we want to see more of in the world:

No more early morning or bedtime events you can’t attend because you’re the primary caregiver.

No more spaces where you have to change your child on a dirty floor, the seat of your car or their stroller.

No more hiding in a washroom or the back row in case your child needs to feed or has a meltdown.

No more worries about inconveniencing others in the room or feeling like you don’t belong.

You’re not the only one who wants to do what you do, alongside the ones you love. 


What do I do next?

Step 1: Register for the Babies, Business + Breakfast™ Mini Mastermind Program online at, selecting your preferred option (Regular Program or Online-Only Program) using one of the ‘Buy Now’ buttons to pay securely online via PayPal, Credit Card or VISA debit card.

Step 2: You’ll be redirected to a ‘thank you’ page where you can fill out a quick online form detailing your goals, challenges and needs as a parent, in order for us to get a head start on matching you with the best industry experts for your individual situation!