Babies, Business + Breakfast™ Membership

Babies, Business + Breakfast™ Community + Membership

Babies, Business + Breakfast Community and Membership: An online business mastermind for parents and their families

Parenthood and professional development don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

We’ve created a growing community of parents who want to invest in themselves alongside their loved ones.

They attend our events, read our newsletters and believe the future of work includes making space for them, alongside their families.

Our online business mastermind program is designed with yours and your family’s needs at the top of the priority list.

Not as an afterthought!

Because you’re not the only one who wants to do what you do, alongside the ones you love.

Invest in yourself alongside your kids, while making new connections.

Our in-person and online events are designed to be a safe, accessible and inspiring experience where you can:

🌎 MEET like-minded community members (and their families…IRL and online!)

💡 ASK your personal questions (in between answering your child’s 100th question of the morning)

📆 PROGRESS your professional goals (without sacrificing yours or your family’s needs)

📝 LEARN from industry experts (in a judgement-free zone, without having to leave the room to feed or look after your little ones)

🔍 EXPLORE mixing babies and business (and decide what flexible work looks like for you)


Founders, freelancers, remote workers and potential career changers–who also happen to be parents–who want to learn how to mix babies and business.

Whether you’re setting out to build a startup, launch a small business, start freelancing or simply looking to invest in yourself alongside your little ones, we’re here to help you fuel up on fresh business inspiration and get connected with like-minded parents.


“Love the interactive and engaging activities.”

“Appreciated the interaction, networking tips, simplicity of the presentation. Love the concept and hope to attend future events.”

“Wish there was time for more! Good amount of info in short time. Thank you, would love to see more opportunities like this.”

“I really enjoyed it and it was nice to meet parents in the same boat as me.”

“More meetups please!”

“FUN!” (from one of the children in attendance)

Future in-person community events and meetups will occur pending Canada’s Federal, Provincial and Municipal health and business regulations, as it relates to COVID-19 and will be offered as a paid ticketed event.


If you have any questions about Babies, Business + Breakfast™ Membership, please email: contact[at]

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