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Amy Maureen Lynch

Amy Maureen Lynch Writer

Country hopper and foreign city explorer, I’m a Canadian expat who’s lived in Australia, Ireland and England for the better part of a decade.

Along the way, I’ve made local and expat friends and kept in touch with family overseas, while studying, volunteering and working in each new country.

I recently returned home to Ottawa, Canada with my Irish husband and young Irish-Canadian family.

My background is in marketing and communications, with over a decade spent in roles in the private, public and charitable sectors.

The business of being creative:
Writer | Speaker | Community Organizer | Activist


Photo by Finn Lin for CreativeMornings Ottawa

Things I’ve been working on lately include:

Amy Maureen Lynch and Baby at Startup Conference in Canada

Media Coverage:

Global Living Mag Expat Twitter Talk (2014).

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Notes From Another Land | Camden London England | Amy Maureen Lynch

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– Amy

Connect with me at amymaureenlynch.com
Twitter @amymlynch

Amy Maureen Lynch working on laptop and breastfeeding baby


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