Go Remote: 5 Steps To Transition To Flexible Work

I’ve thinking a lot lately of how I can help others, from my home, while looking after two kids under the age of four. I had mapped out a course after our second kid was born in 2018 all about flexible work and in particular, working remotely. But life happened, I always have a lot of creative projects on the go and to be honest, I wasn’t sure if people would be keen.

Working Behind The Scenes + Government Support For Your Business

This post is for business owners, freelancers, remote workers and/or those with a business idea they are in the middle of validating, researching or exploring.

Work From Home (WFH) Time Blocking Made Easy

I’ve been working remotely since 2014, when I was living in Europe but freelancing for a company in Australia across a 10-hour time difference. For the past six years I’ve used time blocking to create an evolving schedule that works for me and in more recent years, my family as well.

Bringing kids into corporate settings…including Parliament Hill

My toddler and I even went to an event on Parliament Hill for the first time together, through the heavy-duty security clearance with our stroller, diaper bag and winter gear on a very snowy day. If you can travel with kids and do airport and customs security, you’ll be fine on Parliament Hill!

On grit and creating your own luck

I haven’t always felt like I belonged at Bayview Yards since I started visiting three years ago in 2017, especially when wheeling my stroller or lugging a car seat and sleeping babe into a packed workshop room. BUT the times are a changing and sometimes you need to create a place for yourself.

How I’m getting through this long-ass winter

Secret to sanity: We play a lot in the snow. And by play, I mean, the kids wander around the yard and driveway during the daytime as I attempt to shovel at warp speed before they get bored and venture too close to the road.

Babies, Business + Breakfast: Intellectual Property Pop-Up Event

I hosted the first event of 2020 on February 14th, where we focused on ‘Protecting Your Ideas’ with Natalie Raffoul, Managing Attorney at Brion Raffoul and Julia Elvidge, Tech Business Leader, Advisor, Mentor, Investor and Board Member.