Parent-friendly presenting in real-time at CreativeMornings Ottawa!

I don’t often post pics of my kids on social media but since I just did a talk on the theme of ‘Inclusive’ for CreativeMornings Ottawa alongside them both, here’s what the evolution of a 5-min lightning talk looks like when you’re with a 10-month-old and almost three-year-old in front of a room full ofContinue reading “Parent-friendly presenting in real-time at CreativeMornings Ottawa!”

#BYOBaby to CreativeMornings Ottawa!

#BYOBaby to CreativeMornings Ottawa! I’ll be doing a five-minute ‘Lightning Talk’ at the April CreativeMornings Ottawa event on the theme of ‘Inclusive’. 👶🏼🌈⚡️ It will cover some of my experiences, what can happen when you bring children into business settings and inclusive experience tips for organizations, venues, caregivers and their loved ones.  I will haveContinue reading “#BYOBaby to CreativeMornings Ottawa!”

Bringing babies into an (entrepreneurship and innovation) incubator

April showers bring #BYOBaby into biz settings superpowers We (my kids and I) have been busy over the past few weeks prepping for our first Pop-Up Event of the year on Wednesday, May 1st, 2019! In between washing their winter gear and trying to pack it away for another six months (c’mon Mother Nature!), I’veContinue reading “Bringing babies into an (entrepreneurship and innovation) incubator”

Babies, Business + Breakfast: Spring 2019 Pop-Up Event

Join us on Wednesday, May 1st for parent-friendly professional development!   In case you missed it, be sure to check out the details of our first event in 2019. This is for the parents who don’t often venture into business settings because of early morning or late night event start times. The ones who don’t haveContinue reading “Babies, Business + Breakfast: Spring 2019 Pop-Up Event”

Choose Yourself First: Women Making Art (And History)

I thought I’d share a bit of reading material I’ve been using to help with the past five months I spent hibernating during one of Ottawa’s coldest winters in a while. A recent book I’ve been reading is called ‘Broad Strokes: 15 Women Who Made Art And Made History (In That Order)‘ by Bridget QuinnContinue reading “Choose Yourself First: Women Making Art (And History)”

Visiting Algonquin College’s DARE District with kids

My host described Algonquin’s new space, how it’s currently being used and potential future uses…all while my son crawled around the space, ate a very messy digestive biscuit and babbled every now and again. He didn’t bat an eye and gladly let my son explore before we ended with a quick tour of the DARE District but he did say he hoped they had baby change facilities on site (they did!)