Attending events IRL and online…with a baby

Baby and I were snapped at last week’s ‘Restart’ Creative Mornings Ottawa talk! We’re even hanging out in the background behind the uber-inspiring artist-turned accountant-turned artist Ian A. Matthews and his pop-art winter parka. It’s not all about #BYOBaby, packing up the nappy/diaper bag and leaving the house to attend events in real life (IRL)Continue reading “Attending events IRL and online…with a baby”

This Black Friday Invest In…YOURSELF?

A message I sent out to my subscribers today, which I would like to also share with my other readers and followers. A bit of #FinLitFriday on the blog. Hand on heart: 💌 No sales, special offers, this one is purely a gift from me to you. Unless gifts give you the guilts, then considerContinue reading “This Black Friday Invest In…YOURSELF?”

Parenting and professional development, progress over perfection

This past week I was featured as part of Impact Academy: City Maker Edition, a program I’m participating in, made possible by Impact Hub Ottawa, Synapcity and the City of Ottawa. Back in May 2018, while I was heavily pregnant with my second son who was born the next month, I started a list ofContinue reading “Parenting and professional development, progress over perfection”