Making progress for parents who want to attend professional development, one small change at a time

If I don’t accomplish anything other than getting a baby change table mounted to the wall at Invest_Ottawa as part of my Impact Hub Ottawa and Synapcity Impact Academy: City Maker Edition efforts, I’ll be content!

Mixing personal and professional life

Last week I held a focus group for the child-friendly professional development pilot program I’m working on. It’s designed for primary caregivers of pre-school age children who want to gather with their kids, get inspired by business experts and share their progress, while grabbing a hot coffee, a bite to eat and connecting with othersContinue reading “Mixing personal and professional life”

Bring Your Own Baby (BYOB)

This post is based on a series of photos I shared on Instagram from my experience bringing my newborn to a local networking event past week and launching my child-friendly professional development pilot program. Another day, another professional development event! It was September’s Creative Mornings event at the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of ManagementContinue reading “Bring Your Own Baby (BYOB)”