Feeling welcome once you’ve entered the building

After attending the female-focused WomenHack Ottawa event, an article from First Round Review caught my eye: Eight Ways to Make Your D&I Efforts Less Talk and More Walk. The following quote jumped out at me: “We’re over-indexing on getting underrepresented individuals in the door and under-indexing on including them once they’re here,” says Aubrey Blanche, theContinue reading “Feeling welcome once you’ve entered the building”

Attracting (and retaining) top female tech talent

Networking events can be awkward – especially speed-dating style recruitment-focused ones where there is a larger number of job seekers in proportion to employers. Once the timer counts down and you’re meant to jump to the next table (or stand in the queue as many had to), it can result in a bit of a ‘deer-in-the-headlights-quick-what’s-my-elevator-pitch’ moment.