In other news

While we’ve been busy settling in to Kildare, a few exciting things have happened since my last post.

We bought a car! It’s a VW so here’s hoping it lasts for the time we need it. Solid, red and manual. While I’m not a fan of being a passenger in life, I will give in until Canada can sort out its’ license swap with Ireland.


I now have a lovely home office! It’s light, bright and cheerful. While you glance up at your drop ceiling tiles in the open plan office where your cubicle lies, know that somewhere, there is an expat sorting through her paperwork one pink drawer at a time.


(Real) spring arrived! Although it has supposedly been hanging around since February, it decided to officially make its’ appearance known through blooming daffodils and budding trees. Much better. We even had a 15+ degree day this week with sunshine and the ice cream truck had a cameo.


I was in the Irish Queenslander magazine for my sports club’s December annual social, as a friend informed me. AND I was published in Global Living Magazine! Ok it was one Tweet but it’s still in print and I am a recognised ‘expat’. Thanks GLM.

Lastly, I booked a short trip home to Canada over the May long weekend. So not only will I have a post about Edinburgh after Easter, I can also write about spring on the farm in Ontario.

Looking forward to a month of short getaways and I hope you get to do a bit of exploring of your own this season too!